Jetpack CRM Live Webinar

Posted on September 16, 2020 by Mike Stott

The secret to successful marketing and sales is understanding your customers, and Jetpack CRM is the leading CRM software built especially for WordPress sites.

Get the basics on how to track every interaction with each of your customers, from phone calls and emails to meetings and sales, all without leaving your WordPress dashboard! Deepen your business’ most important relationships by leveraging the power of Jetpack CRM.

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Introducing Jetpack CRM

Posted on June 10, 2020 by Mike Stott

Grow your business through better contact management

We’re excited to announce Jetpack CRM, a new customer relationship management tool built specifically for WordPress sites. Cultivating rich, ongoing relationships with your customers is now as easy as saving a draft or uploading a photo. 

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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #28 – April 2020

Posted on May 04, 2020 by Woody Hayday

Steady and consistent bug fixing and improvements has been at the core of Jetpack CRM since the start of our journey. We continue this and in April fixing 10 bugs, improving 5 areas and adding custom fields to the single Company view.

It’s been a challenging month, maintaining velocity in the face of all of the change, but we’re doing our best here, and we hope you are able to keep your businesses afloat too.

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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #27 – March 2020

Posted on April 02, 2020 by Woody Hayday

As we settle into this unusual year we hunker down with our goal of consistent updates. In March Jetpack CRM has seen 22 fixes, 15 improvements and 10 additions, as well as decent progress with the Mail Campaigns v2 public release.

Rather than adding any big features this month, the focus has been on refinement & working through the remaining (smaller) v3.0 bugs, alongside work on Mail Campaigns v2.0.

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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #26 – Feb 2020

Posted on March 02, 2020 by Woody Hayday

This year we’re determined to bring back our monthly CRM Product Update posts. After the busyness of the past year, we’re finally settling back into a reliable development cycle, which will mean we can contribute a lot to the CRM you’re using to run your business.

Right now we’re hammering on with v3.0 refinements & bug fixes, and we’re also making a start on the release version of Mail Campaigns v2.

V3.0 was a huge release for us, and while there have been a handful of snags (which we’re working on resolving, or have resolved), we’re happy to say that it was a fairly successful transition, and should pave the way for a much more solid CRM in future.

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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #25 – Jan 2020

Posted on January 31, 2020 by Mike Stott

Wow, our last Product Update was in April 2019. The hiatus has been linked to a couple of things

  1. We were acquired by Automattic – so things fell a little quiet since then and
  2. We were building v3.0 of Jetpack CRM which primarily was a lot of behind the scenes improvements

With both of these out of the way – we are happy to get back to our regular product updates as we add new features and keep stepping on those pesky bugs.

This update covers what happened CRM wise in January 2020.

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