Jetpack CRM Product Update #33 – Dec 2020

Posted on January 04, 2021 by Woody Hayday

These product update posts collect everything new and updated in Jetpack CRM each month. This post covers updates up to version 4.0.10 (December 2020).

We’ll skip the update video for December because we mostly fixed small issues, but watch this space for more video summary updates in 2021!

Here’s what we’ve been working on in December:

Jetpack CRM core

This month we fixed several of the more niggly bugs 🐛 which have been irritating you the most, as well as doing some tidying up and strengthening some security aspects. It’s a light month as we head into prep for the new year, including work on the API v3.0.

Jetpack CRM Changelog:

This is the full change log this month grouped by what CRM features we’ve added, improved or fixed to the core Jetpack CRM WordPress plugin.

 What’s new 

  1. New auto-log: Add an activity log to a contact when a Quote is accepted via the client portal.
  2. New hook jpcrm_quote_accepted.

 What we’ve improved 

  1. Sending Quotes via email now allows for optional attachment of quote as a PDF file, and the attachment of any associated files.
  2. Hardened the security around the updating of activity logs.
  3. Resolved a false-positive security flag in a security plugin (removed PCLZIP library).
  4. Verified WordPress 5.6 support.
  5. Hardened output of contact list records on dash.
  6. Hardened parsing of CSV files.
  7. Custom field types numeric and numeric (decimal) are now reliably sortable via list views.
  8. Code tidy: Removed legacy country-check code; removed some javascript console logs and PHP notices.

 What we’ve fixed 

  1. Resolved migration issues where Jetpack CRM is installed via wp-cli.
  2. List views with ‘Latest Contact’ column now load properly regardless of DB environment.
  3. Resolved PHP notice around quotes on contact view.
  4. Quote and Task auto-logging now working correctly.
  5. Removed duplicate title in the short description logs when creating quotes, invoices, transactions, and tasks
  6. Fixed custom fields with auto-numbers, which were previously broken when they had an empty prefix.
  7. Resolved a PHP notice for some users when they used the email tracking system.
  8. Labels now fully respect locale.

Jetpack CRM extensions

We fixed one bug in extensions this month, notably that the Mail Campaigns settings page had recently become inaccessible in some cases:

  • v2.2.1 of Mail Campaigns:
    • Settings inaccessible in CRM 4.0.9 and 4.0.10.

Terms of Service change

Posted on December 03, 2020 by Woody Hayday

Jetpack CRM is owned by Automattic, the company that makes the Jetpack plugin and As of January 1, 2021, Jetpack CRM will be covered by the same Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Jetpack uses.

We’re retiring the separate Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for Jetpack CRM to keep things straight forward across all of Automattic’s sites and services and wanted to let you know ahead of the switch in case you’re interested in what changes and why. You can read the updated Terms here and the updated Privacy Policy here

These changes will take effect on January 1, 2021. If you continue to use our services on or after that date, you acknowledge that your use will be subject to our new Terms of Service and our new Privacy Policy.

Jetpack CRM Live Webinar

Posted on September 16, 2020 by Mike Stott

The secret to successful marketing and sales is understanding your customers, and Jetpack CRM is the leading CRM software built especially for WordPress sites.

Get the basics on how to track every interaction with each of your customers, from phone calls and emails to meetings and sales, all without leaving your WordPress dashboard! Deepen your business’ most important relationships by leveraging the power of Jetpack CRM.

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Introducing Jetpack CRM

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Grow your business through better contact management

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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #28 – April 2020

Posted on May 04, 2020 by Woody Hayday

Steady and consistent bug fixing and improvements has been at the core of Jetpack CRM since the start of our journey. We continue this and in April fixing 10 bugs, improving 5 areas and adding custom fields to the single Company view.

It’s been a challenging month, maintaining velocity in the face of all of the change, but we’re doing our best here, and we hope you are able to keep your businesses afloat too.

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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #27 – March 2020

Posted on April 02, 2020 by Woody Hayday

As we settle into this unusual year we hunker down with our goal of consistent updates. In March Jetpack CRM has seen 22 fixes, 15 improvements and 10 additions, as well as decent progress with the Mail Campaigns v2 public release.

Rather than adding any big features this month, the focus has been on refinement & working through the remaining (smaller) v3.0 bugs, alongside work on Mail Campaigns v2.0.

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