Sunsetting the Slack Community

Posted on April 27, 2023 by Thomas M. Bradshaw

Here at Jetpack CRM, we’ve always valued the relationships we’ve built with you over the years. We’ve continued to grow thanks to your continued feedback and support.

In order to increase our productivity, we reviewed some of the systems and processes we have in place. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to close down the Jetpack CRM Slack community, effective May 11, 2023.

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Terms of Service change

Posted on December 03, 2020 by André Kallehauge

Jetpack CRM is owned by Automattic, the company that makes the Jetpack plugin and As of January 1, 2021, Jetpack CRM will be covered by the same Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Jetpack uses.

We’re retiring the separate Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for Jetpack CRM to keep things straight forward across all of Automattic’s sites and services and wanted to let you know ahead of the switch in case you’re interested in what changes and why. You can read the updated Terms here and the updated Privacy Policy here

These changes will take effect on January 1, 2021. If you continue to use our services on or after that date, you acknowledge that your use will be subject to our new Terms of Service and our new Privacy Policy.

Jetpack CRM Live Webinar

Posted on September 16, 2020 by Mike Stott

The secret to successful marketing and sales is understanding your customers, and Jetpack CRM is the leading CRM software built especially for WordPress sites.

Get the basics on how to track every interaction with each of your customers, from phone calls and emails to meetings and sales, all without leaving your WordPress dashboard! Deepen your business’ most important relationships by leveraging the power of Jetpack CRM.

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We’ve joined Automattic

Posted on August 16, 2019 by Mike Stott

We’ve got some incredibly exciting news to share in this update. Zero BS CRM has joined Automattic, the company behind With Automattic in our corner, we will go from a team of two, to being part of a team of 900+ incredible individuals. 

This means Zero BS CRM will be getting better through deeper integrations with WordPress and help and support across the board, from product development to usability and design.


We have built Zero BS CRM to scratch our own itch. For years, we’ve chosen WordPress as the centre of our entrepreneurial business operations. We also use it personally for travel blogs and other projects. We ❤️ WordPress.

When a family member approached us for advice on a CRM solution that would suit his local construction business, we couldn’t find any that would meet his needs and integrate well with his WordPress website. We kept hitting the same issues: too complex. Too expensive. Or just plain bad.

So we built ZBS CRM. We designed it to be simple to use, but powerful. We still use it ourselves every day. Since our initial launch we’ve delivered consistent updates (over 150 in less than three years), and our CRM product has improved week in, week out.

We’ve built extensions to work with WooCommerce and help users connect their eCommerce store to a CRM, all in one place. We’ve developed additional modules to help our users market products and services to their customers based on advanced segments and email targeting.


We’ve always admired Automattic as a business, and have modelled our own business practices on remote work, efficacy, and a focus on tools that make an impact. We care about creating a better web.

One day, we received a support ticket asking about Mail Campaigns and how best to set up sequences for customers.

What we didn’t realise was this user was linked to Automattic, and was becoming a strong advocate for our product within the company. What followed was a series of conversations with leaders from different parts of Automattic. The more people we talked to, the more we realised our visions were in alignment. When the opportunity arose to continue to work on our product as part of Automattic, we decided to go for it.


Firstly, if you are a paying customer of Zero BS CRM, nothing will change. We’ll still be providing the same service. We still plan to release v3.0 as we’d initially planned (we expect it to come out in late September).

We also won’t be increasing the prices of our bundles once we release v3.0, which we had initially intended to do. With Automattic’s backing, we’ll be able to provide faster support (you may have already noticed some new faces replying to your tickets), and release new features more quickly than before.


We’ve known for a while that our name is like marmite. You either love it, or you hate it.

We’re also aware of the difficulties in having profanity in a product name. So we’ll be using this opportunity to cut the cr*p and profanity from the name and will be looking to rename Zero BS CRM in the future (while preserving everything else, from product features to the quality of customer service).

For those of you who love our product, but have found the name tricky to swallow, you can expect a positive change soon.


If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll be aware that we’ve been working flat out to deliver as a team of two founders. With the backing and support of Automattic, we’ll be able to bring improvements to the CRM faster than ever.

The main goal of Zero BS CRM has been to streamline complex processes and build products that are easy to use. We want our customers to focus on what matters most to them. We stand by the spirit of our manifesto (which maps very well to Automattic’s creed), and will continue to build and refine high-quality software for entrepreneurs and small businesses.


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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #11 – Mar 2018

Posted on March 31, 2018 by André Kallehauge

March has been another busy month for Jetpack CRM, we continue to keep improving the CRM and March has been no different.

PDF Invoice

Our PDF invoice included in the free plugin was basic at best, so we’ve included one of our Pro templates for free. This improves how your invoices will look when downloaded as a PDF and sent to your clients.


We’ve noticed that WordPress have changed up the way that translations can be provided for the plugin, so we’ve now added full support for this method. If you would like to help translate Jetpack CRM we’d be more than happy to have you help us.


We’ve also added the ability to download a quote as a PDF document, this is useful if you want to keep your quotes in a different format (for those who still like to email a PDF version as well as the Client Portal version).

File “Slots” Capability

We’ve also added in the ability to define extra areas to upload files to the contact’s record. This is the first step to us improving the customer view page when it comes to the “Files” support. We’ve also finished initial development on improving how the Client Portal Files looks. Here’s a sneak peek (which might change before finalising the roll out)

Database Migration

By the time you read this, Jetpack CRM will have migrated your contacts over to the new structure, expected to happen around mid April. A lot of our time in March has been spent making sure this migration routine doesn’t break your install and making sure our extensions remain compatible with the migrated database, but more on that in April’s product update.


Change Log for March

= 2.62 30/03/18 =
* Added: Proper support for translate . wordpress .org
* Added: Link/Tab to customer page via filter
* Fixed: Bug where additional file boxes would not save always
* Fixed: Revenue on dashboard goes weird at end of the month
* Improved: Reworded 'Other files' to 'Contact Files'
* Improved: Page check function now catches posted data
* Improved: Forced inclusion of columns for 'edit invoice' and 'edit quote' where these were somehow lost in translation

= 2.61 23/03/18 =
* Added: File 'slots' (custom contact file boxes)
* Added: Customizable Dash
* Added: German Human Translation
* Added: Filter to the PDF invoice title so it can be modified
* Added: Turkish Lira in currency list
* Added: Quote to PDF download
* Fixed: Timezone incorrect on dash
* Fixed: Funky funnel & backwards labels
* Fixed: PayPal Sync compatibility errors (php notices)
* Fixed: Client Portal now works with Plain permalinks (i.e. ?p=)
* Fixed: Invoice PHP notice
* Fixed: Default columns not working for invoices & quotes
* Improved: Removed hard-typed slugs
* Improved: Initial Invoices
* Improved: Nonces to export functions
* Improved: Client portal welcome emails - no linebreaks
* Improved: Transactions now support prefill

= 2.54 14/03/18 =
* Fixed: Bug where multi-tabs were closing each other in contact single view
* Fixed: PHP notice where no social details on contact single view
* Fixed: Basic CSV Export now works even with unset fields
* Fixed: Typo in column editor
* Fixed: Bug where removing contacts column from company list view removed the option to re-add it
* Fixed: Contacts column not working for company list view
* Added: Basic CSV Export now exports contact ID
* Added: Advanced CSV Export now exports Contact ID, Company ID
* Improved: Invoice PDF files are now stored with correct invoice ID (not post ID)
* Improved: Removed iframe embedded feedback form (flagged some peoples security plugins up) - replaced with image

= 2.53.1 09/03/18 =
* Improved: List views all now have correct edit button options for columns
* Improved: Consistency fix for "Calendar" => "Task Scheduler"
* Improved: Contact Singular view (Added Addresses to Contact Vitals)
* Improved: Contact Singular view (Added Telephone numbers, including Click2Call support)
* Improved: Contact Singular view (Added Social accounts)
* Improved: Contact list (etc.) now properly display appropriate avatars (or gravitars)
* Improved: Migrated “One or more of your Jetpack CRM extension need updating.” into notifications system + rejuvinated connect page
* Fixed: Bug in Transaction Total calculation
* Fixed: Bug in listview JS (Fix for Mary)
* Fixed: Bug in currency display on Contact Vitals
* Fixed: Invoicing now pre-fills with contact details appropriately
* Fixed: Contacts saying 'works for...address'

A brand new way to capture leads

Posted on December 06, 2017 by Mike Stott

Today we’re proud to be able to announce a brand new integration with a 3rd party plugin. This integration allows you to

  • Capture way more leads than you would with normal forms
  • Offer discounts to customers who WIN and give them an incentive to play
  • Capture leads in a number of ways (exit intent, on page scroll, plus much more)
  • Automatically have those leads in your Jetpack CRM

Introducing WP Optin Wheel Pro

This is a beautifully designed plugin that allows you to capture leads on your website in exchange for a prize. This drastically increases the number of leads you’ll collect compared to the standard “name, email” type forms. The chance of winning a discount, or a free prize (such as a free e-book) makes more people opt in and give you their details.

Spin your way to more leads

You can use the Optin Wheel anywhere that suits you and there’s plenty of themes included. What’s even better is now the plugin supports Jetpack CRM and your leads can be added directly to your CRM.

WP Optin Leads added directly to Jetpack CRM

This is the kicker, when using WP Optin Wheel, the connector sends those leads directly into your CRM. Once your lead is in the CRM you can use all the power of the CRM to make sure that you manage the relationship properly.  Adding the contacts to Jetpack CRM from WP Optin Wheel is remarkably simple.

It’s a simple two step process:-

  • Install and Activate the WP Optin Wheel Pro
  • Jetpack CRM will pop up on the “integrations” tab. Click it, choose what status you want to add contacts as and you’re good to go

Funnel leads to a central Jetpack CRM

You can even have your Jetpack CRM install on a different website to your WP Optin Wheel plugin and send leads to your CRM using the Jetpack CRM (the plugin makes this incredibly easy to do too). This is beneficial if you want to

  • Capture leads from WP Optin on a lot of sites (funnelled into a single Jetpack CRM install)
  • You keep your Jetpack CRM separate to your main site, but just love this plugin and want to use it to generate leads

Notice the difference in the screenshot below, if Jetpack CRM isn’t installed on your site (but the connector extension is) then WP Optin Wheel Pro asks for your Jetpack CRM API credentials so that leads can be sent directly to your CRM. Winner.

Setting up the Wheel

Once you’ve chosen Jetpack CRM as your integration – you then proceed to configure your Optin Wheel. First up, you confirm you want Jetpack CRM to handle the leads ? ?

Next you choose your theme (and there’s plenty to choose from here, including festive themes)

Once you have your theme, you need to choose which fields to have on your forms

Build your forms

You can add as many fields here as you like. For Jetpack CRM we suggest collecting First Name, Last Name and Email but you can collect more if you like (it connects with the CRM fields and allows you to capture as much as you like)

Capturing the least amount of data on first contact, then getting additional data later through the CRM is the sure fire way to maximise your WP Optin conversion rate.

Ask for too much info up front and you’ll get fewer sign ups. Once you’ve setup your form you configure the wheel “slices” for what you want people to stand a chance of winning.

Set up the slices

Choose the Wheel Behaviour

This is a big one.. there’s so much you can do here and it’s way too much for this post.  We’ll cover some of them below

  • Content Settings – allow you to change the language on your wheel
  • Design Settings – you can choose various themes and colors
  • Behaviour Settings – this is great and where you choose how it displays (on exit intent, on page scroll, after a delay, etc)
  • Email Settings – send the contact an email if they’re a winner.
  • Integrations – there’s even some additional webhooks if you want to process more

We hope you love this plugin as much as we do, and now it’s fully compatible with Jetpack CRM we 100% recommend you give it a spin when generating your leads.

In Summary

WP Optin Wheel Pro is a great plugin to capture more leads and with the Jetpack CRM Optin Wheel Connector you make sure these leads go directly into your CRM.

Here’s what you need to start collecting more leads from your websites

Have fun using the wheel and then use Jetpack CRM to manage the relationships with your newly captured leads. It’s a perfect combination and something everyone should start using.