Release: Jetpack CRM 6.1.0

Hi there! Not all updates are equally exciting, but this one is truly something we’re excited about, despite its smaller size.
We recently released Jetpack CRM v6.0, where we gave the UI a visual overhaul. By doing so, we hoped to improve the overall feel of the system, and it seems like you all agree!

We have added the ability to display pages in full width, reintroduced filter options, ensured WordPress 6.3 support, and fixed a handful of miscellaneous bugs.

But what do we mean when we say, “Not all updates are equally exciting, but we’re excited about this one”? Well, our support team has listened to user feedback after we released Jetpack CRM v6.0, and the number of fixes in this release should reflect how well-received the updates have been.

We have also decided to update the supported WordPress version to 6.3 after having successfully completed compatibility testing with WordPress 6.3 Release Candidate 1 and we do not foresee any changes that happen between the release candidate and the final release of WordPress 6.3 to introduce any issues with Jetpack CRM.

6.1.0 – 2023-07-24


  • Listing pages: Add a new setting that allows listing pages to utilize the full width of the screen


  • General: indicate full compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, 6.3


  • API: Fixed error 200 while saving new api connections
  • Contacts: Fix bug that prevented the creation of contacts WP user for the Client Portal
  • Contacts: Fix Filter options not available on the main contacts listing
  • File Uploads: Fix bug that prevented file uploads from working in environments where the PHP finfo_open function was not available
  • Menu: Improved alignment for items in the menu
  • OAuth/Gmail: Fix to enable sending links and images in the email content, supporting text/plain
  • Segments: Fix bug that prevented dates to be saved in some environments