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Jetpack CRM Version 6.2: Enhancements and Preparations

Time to update your WordPress plugins! In version 6.2 of Jetpack CRM, we’ve not only fixed several long-standing issues, but we’ve also been hard at work behind the scenes laying the foundation for future enhancements. We’re continuing to refine the CRM user experience and general performance based on your feedback – thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing our innovations with you as they unfold!

What’s in v6.2

What’s changed

  • Quotes: Allow admin users to accept quotes.
  • Tasks: Use consistent language in code.
  • Increase PHP required version to 7.3.

What’s fixed

  • API: Rewrite rules are now flushed after enabling module.
  • API: Task reminder param is no longer ignored.
  • Better PHP 8.2 support.
  • CRM Forms: Removed reference to old branding.
  • CSV Importer: Fixed assignment to companies by name.
  • Custom Fields: Corrected bug that prevented new address custom fields from being shown.
  • Invoices: Handle status translations consistently.
  • Segments: Fixed error 219 occurring when using date ranges.
  • Tags: Better slug generation and added tag slug migration.
  • Tags: Prevent duplicate slugs, and adding more robust slug fallback support.
  • Tasks: Corrected placeholders for contacts and companies in the task reminder email.
  • Transactions: Filters now work for custom statuses.