Jetpack CRM Product Update #32 – Nov 2020

These product update posts collect everything new and updated in Jetpack CRM each month. This post covers updates up to version 4.0.8 (30th November 2020).

We fitted a lot into November, but here’s an update walkthrough video:

Here’s what we’ve been working on in November:

Jetpack CRM core

We’ve been focussing on fixing the bug reports which have built up over time and have been making solid progress in the core squashing πŸ›s. This will pave the way to us moving onto more enhancements to the CRM as we head towards 2021.

Jetpack CRM Changelog:

This is the full change log this month grouped by what CRM features we’ve added, improved or fixed to the core Jetpack CRM WordPress plugin.

🎁 What’s new 🎁

  1. You can now use an auto-number sequence as reference in invoices (with prefix and suffix).
  2. Ability to change the label of ‘Reference’ for invoices.
  3. Signposting to Company settings page.
  4. Ability to sort contact list view by: Latest Log and Latest Contact Log.
  5. Ability to sort contact list view by: Has Quotes, Has Invoices, Has Transactions.
  6. Ability to sort contact list view by: Quote, Invoice, and Transaction count.
  7. Ability to sort company list view by: Name, Status, Email, and other standard fields.
  8. Ability to sort company list view by: Custom fields.
  9. Ability to sort company list view by: Number of contacts at company.
  10. Contact list view column “Has transactions”.
  11. Company list view columns: Has Invoices, Has transactions, Invoice Count, Transaction Count, Transaction Value, Total Value (and made them sortable).
  12. Ability to sort quote list view by all columns.
  13. Ability to sort invoice list view by all columns.
  14. Ability to sort transaction list view by all columns.
  15. Ability to sort form list view by all columns.
  16. Last Updated column to contacts and companies.

😊 What we’ve improved 😊

  1. Support for checkbox and multi-select custom fields (API and connector extensions).
  2. Corrected company name references.
  3. License system modal notice language and UI.
  4. License system update checks.
  5. You can now search for Transactions, Quotes, Invoices, and Companies by ID.
  6. Default sort order of DESC now reflects properly in list view sort icon.
  7. Centralised definitions of “Contact” type logs.
  8. Better formatting for ‘added’ date in company list view.
  9. Event notification email templating.
  10. Event notification email template: Took translations out of template file.
  11. B2B mode is now a core extension and enabled by default.
  12. Company settings unified into one settings page.
  13. Transaction settings unified into one settings page.
  14. Language labels surrounding company and transaction settings.
  15. Better styling around large elements on list views.

πŸ› What we’ve fixed πŸ›

  1. Company label setting now respected throughout (e.g. Organisation).
  2. Typeahead contact->company assignment for new contacts now displays properly.
  3. You can now have many filters without the view blocking access to them.
  4. Dompdf exception creating quotes with Preformatted option selected.
  5. Style bug when displaying multi-option custom fields on the contact and company view page.
  6. Bug where license system modal sometimes reloaded to an incorrect URL.
  7. Bug in permissions around verifying back end users.
  8. Removed internal PHP notice in Invoices section.
  9. Sorting contact list view by company now works properly.
  10. Bug where some logs were not showing under ‘latest log’ column (due to ownership).
  11. Incorrectly referenced second address fields in DB Object model for companies.
  12. Total transaction column value on company list view.
  13. Several fields were not displaying properly in quote list view.
  14. A deep bug in address custom fields where those fields with hyphens in the key were unsortable.
  15. A bug where contact last contacted date was incorrectly showing as last updated value.

Jetpack CRM extensions

We had a flurry of CRM extension fixes in November, catching up with the bug backlog and improving several extensions.

  • v2.7.2 of Invoicing Pro:
    • Added support for currencies with zero decimal points.
    • Fixed bug with Stripe payments with negative value sub-items.
  • v2.1.1 of CSV Importer Pro:
    • Improved: Better dialogs around transaction importer.
    • Improved: Icon for import now matches export icon style.
  • v2.7.2 of PayPal Sync:
    • Improved: Enforced PayPal API maximum transaction period (3 years).
    • Improved: Added guidance for first-time users to signpost settings page before syncing.
    • Fixed: PayPal Sync would get stuck when importing alongside WooCommerce Connect.
  • v1.3.1 of Funnels:
    • Fixed PHP notice
    • Fixed date picker not capturing final day
    • Removed the conversion table data
  • v1.3.2 of Livestorm:
    • Fixed: PHP notice
  • v2.8 of Gravity Forms:
    • Fixed: GF Checkbox -> JPCRM Contact custom field checkbox now works properly.
    • Added: Support for GF Multi-select -> JPCRM Contact custom field checkbox added.

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