Invoicing PRO

Invoicing PRO lets your customers pay their invoices right from your Client Portal using either PayPal or Stripe.

or get all extensions for $199 per year.

Get Paid Quicker & Save Time!

This extension adds “pay now” buttons to your client portal invoices (PayPal or Stripe).

  • PayPal or Stripe – Integrated with both
  • Automatic – Manages “paid status” and Customer Record
  • Easy to setup – Accept payments with 2 minutes initial setup
Jetpack CRM: Invoicing PRO Client Portal Extension


14 day money back guarantee14 day Money back guarantee on all purchases.

User examples:

Got Clients, invoicing via email

Create an invoice in Jetpack CRM, hit send, get paid. Automatically log paid status against invoices.

Freelancer starting out

The last thing you want to worry about is creating invoices and chasing them. Use Invoicing PRO, focus on your real work. Trust us, we’ve been there!

Billing consistently, got a paper system, not yet accepting card payments

Invoicing in Jetpack CRM is easy, this makes taking payments via card or PayPal a zero-time job. It’s a no-brainer.

Invoicing PRO Features:

Client Portal Integration shows your invoice on your site (branding)

Get Paid far quicker via card payments (PayPal or Stripe)

Fully Automatic – create an invoice, hit send, get paid.

Charming Support – direct support via email

Easy to install & setup – a quick 2-minute job you can do directly from your browser

Efficient Code – all extensions are performance optimised

Jetpack CRM Promise – all extensions add value in a clean, effective way, guaranteed!

Invoicing PRO Specification:

Requires PayPal or Stripe account

Requires Jetpack CRM Version: 1.5+

Requires Jetpack CRM Client Portal (Enabled from the extensions page)

Requires PHP Version: 5.4+

Compatible with WordPress Versions: WordPress 4.2+

Tested on multiple server setups

Invoicing PRO Screenshots:

Invoicing Pro - accept card payments for freelance invoices

Customer Reviews:

We’ve tried many complicated online solutions and cloud integrations in the past and now we’ve simply found THE solution!
Also, this extension (like any other Jetpack CRM add-ons) has the amazing great potential to become even better for our businesses, continuously, just because we’ve noted that the Epic high-end developers are also serious TOP high-end entrepreneurs too, we know what that means, and that’s the most incredible and the highest-value guarantee for ANY serious entrepreneur who wants to pursue and offer to their customers only the excellence in his/her own industry!

Thanks SO much dear Jetpack CRM TEAM!

Rocco Vittorio (verified)

Get Invoicing PRO Now:

Nobody doing business online should be without a simple & quick invoicing system that lets them get paid via PayPal/Stripe.