Jetpack CRM Funnels lets you visualise your contact acquisition stages, from Lead, through to Customer. See at what stages contacts drop off.

Visualise your sales effectiveness

Funnels extension lets you analyse how you are doing at converting your leads through to customers, via the interim statuses you define in Jetpack CRM Funnels settings.

See at which stage contacts are dropping off and at which point you should apply your focus to to improve the overall conversion rate from initial status, through to your final goal status.

Conversion analysis

Through looking and comparing the date the contact was added, compared to the date of their transaction, you can see at which point your contacts (leads and prospects) are becoming customers

Use the conversion data table to see whether you’re converting your customers quickly, or whether it takes a bit of time from them discovering you and becoming a lead, to purchasing from you.

Through date range analysis you can then compare whether your overall conversion rate is improving, and whether you’re getting more contacts into the top of your funnel to be able to see the overall impact on your business of refining your sales process throughout your CRM.


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