The Jetpack CRM livestorm connector automatically adds your Livestorm webinar sign ups into Jetpack CRM.

or get all extensions for $199 per year.


Know exactly how engaged your customers are

Through giving webinars about your Product to your customers you can see who is the most engaged with your product and brand. The Jetpack CRM Livestorm extension keeps your CRM up to date with information about which webinars your contacts have registered for.


Targeted communication

If you know who has already registered, it’s much easier to send out new email campaigns to people who have NOT registered and save annoying those who already have signed up.


See your TRUE fans

The connector tags your Jetpack CRM contacts with the fact they’re a livestorm attendee and also includes the following Session Name - Session Date so you’ll easily be able to filter on whether a contact has attended your webinar (has tag, livestorm and then, which sessions they first signed up for.