Jetpack CRM: Product Update #15 – July 2018

Summer is almost over, we’ve started to see the first spots of rain ☔☔ in the UK (but hey, what’s summer without rain in the UK). This month, we’ve added massive new features and extensions to Jetpack CRM. Read on to find out what we’ve added. Including some special words from one of our Founders

Jetpack CRM: Core Updates

The main addition to Jetpack CRM this month was the reworking of the Client Portal into a shortcode. This is important for a lot of reasons: The first being that before this update, the endpoint was “clients” – which isn’t flexible and also doesn’t work well in other languages.

Updating the client portal also paved the way for the Client Portal Pro extension which we have just released. Through Client Portal Pro, you can customise the Portal even further (more on that below).

Consistent Jetpack CRM Core Updates

We’ve continued to develop Jetpack CRM, week in and week out, and have been adding countless bug fixes, improvements or feature additions. As we approach v3.0, we’ve started reflecting on the growth of Jetpack, and to celebrate we’ve created a page devoted to this consistent crm development.

You can see the page here

#Note For the “techy” amongst you:
Our Consistent CRM page is running from our change log, and only covers updates we’ve made to the core, not to mention the Jetpack CRM extensions, which get the same type of ❤❤ love ❤❤ and attention.

If you’ve not joined the Entrepreneur’s club yet, you can do so by purchasing one of our Extension Bundles today.

New Jetpack CRM Extensions

We’ve added a bunch of new extensions in July, these have been extensions which we’ve been developing for a while, and are finally pleased to be able to launch them into our flock of extensions. Now is the perfect time to purchase one of our bundles and lock into our current (v2.0) pricing.

Automations (view extension)

It’s finally here, you can read more about it via the Product Page this extension has been in Beta for a while now and the official release has firmed up the code, and importantly, made it super easy to extend with new actions, such as the aWeber connect extension below, which gives you the option of subscribing a contact to a list, based on conditions.

aWeber Connect (view extension)

We’ve had a lot of requests to build an aWeber integration, and were even contacted by aWeber themselves about this. So we’ve now been able to focus development on the integration and are proud to have it available. You can read more about it here.

It lets you subscribe new Jetpack CRM contacts to your aWeber list, it also connects in with Automations and lets you add contacts to lists, based on automation triggers, and conditions.

There’s more coming soon here too, once we have “Tag based automations” support in the CORE (coming in v3.0) we’ll be adding the ability to tag your contacts in aWeber based on the tags you add to Jetpack CRM 🙂

Client Portal Pro (view extension)

Your Client Portal is where you provide your contacts with access to information about them in your CRM, for example, it can provide contacts access to

  • Quotes (and the ability to accept them)
  • Invoices (and the ability to pay them online, with Invoicing Pro)
  • Transactions (to show them what they’ve paid)
  • Files (and the ability to download them) *requires Client Portal Pro
  • Tasks (and the ability to add to their Calendar) *requires Client Portal Pro
  • Tickets (so they can see the status of support) *requires Awesome Support and Awesome Support Connector
  • Information (so they can update their details themselves)

Client Portal Pro lets you customise the Navigation tabs too, so you can choose what icon shows up, it also lets you change the navigation wording (rename “Invoices” to “Bills”) as well as control the endpoints (client-portal/invoices can be client-portal/bills)

Lastly, you get the Pro styles too, such as the Style (Metro – as shown in the screenshot) or Clean, which adds a tabbed view.

MemberMouse Connect (view extension)

MemberMouse Connect has been one of those extensions that’s been in the works for a while, but we’ve finally taken the leap to publishing it for you to use, if you are in the niche of a membership site (setup using MemberMouse).

It imports your MemberMouse subscribers and transactions and lets you see them in Jetpack CRM.

API Connector (view extension)

We have a growing API and this has allowed us to do things which in the past needed an extension for. Two example of this are the Gravity Forms Connector and the Contact Form 7 Connector. These extension sit on the same install as Jetpack CRM and capture leads from forms on your site.

While these still work great, what they didn’t do was offer the ability to have your Forms set on external websites, sending data to your central CRM.

Enter the 🔗 API Connector 🔗:
The Zero BS API Connector links your external sites to your central CRM via the API

We also added an extra goody in that it will also add new Website Sign Ups to your CRM, this is great if you have a demo site which is capturing users (or a news-site, or anything similar) where you ask people to login. When this happens, you now capture them into ZeroBS CRM.

If you like, you can install the API Connector on the same site as your CRM, and use the API to capture website sign ups (and form submissions too, if using Gravity Forms, or Contact Form 7).

Again, like the other extensions, we have more planned for this as our API develops, such as being able to install on multiple WooCommerce sites, and capture the data from them all into a single CRM (perfect if you have 2 stores, but want a single consolidated CRM database)

Jetpack CRM: Version 3.0

We’re getting closer to our Version 3.0 of Jetpack CRM and have the following wording to share from one of our founders, Woody.

Jetpack CRM is now approaching version 3.0, and with it, me and Mike are finally updating the marketing to match this (huge) no-nonsense CRM we’ve built. For the launch of 3.0 there’ll be some big publicity etc. (Let us know if you want in on the launch), along with as much celebration as we can fit between product updates! The CRM turning 3 will mark the end of all our re-design, and with it will come some new goodies.

If you’re interested in Mail Campaigns, the other big news is that we’re about to finish up development on v2.0 of that too, which will be 10x as good as the first version.

… so a load of launch is on it’s way and I wanted to give you this heads up. Prices will go up when we hit 3.0. The overall bundle prices will go up (maybe double), and Mail Campaigns may be split into its own (optional) extra (at more cost).

If you’re on the fence with Jetpack CRM, I’d recommend jumping in ASAP, if you grab the entrepreneur or reseller bundle today, you’ll lock in our old pricing model, and we’ll never charge you more, (and you’ll get free access to Mail Campaigns v2 included).

Here’s the link to get the bundles at today’s pricing:

See you on the inside!


Jetpack CRM Sponsors 💯

Not forgetting our backers 🙂

A special thanks to our current backers below, if you want to help fund Jetpack CRM through a sponsorship, you can do so here.

  • Epic Plugins
  • Stormgate
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  • UniCenta
  • Once Upon A Time Events

Our backers are businesses and people who use Jetpack CRM every day and want to give a little bit extra.

Jetpack CRM: Change Log for July

= 2.91 27/07/18 =
* Fixed: PHP Warning for those jumping large versions (e.g. 1.2 -> 2.90)
* Fixed: Glitch with learn menu on quote template page
* Fixed: Preview link on invoice
* Fixed: Few php warnings squashed
* Fixed: Latest Log column labels
* Added: Transactions Custom Fields
* Added: Transactions can now be assigned to companies
* Added: Transactions now show up on company view
* Added: Transactions total now shows up on company view Vitals
* Added: Transactions columns to Company List View
* Added: Support for do-not-email setting (unsubscribe support)
* Added: DAL for unsubscribe setting
* Added: Showed do-not-email flag on contact view
* Added: Showed do-not-email flag on send email
* Added: Improved Preview Segments to support MC2 Feature
* Added: UI Helper: label
* Added: Company File Attachments
* Added: Company File Editor
* Added: Function to return wp user email
* Improved: Centralised edit field output + Genericifed
* Improved: Tweaked styles on Transaction edit for better view
* Improved: Removed over-branding on contact send email
* Improved: Extension support to avoid errors when deactivating pre-core

= 2.90 20/07/18 =
* Fixed: Bug in new window code caused when pop-up supressed by chrome
* Fixed: Mistyped label id
* Fixed: Bug in PDF invoicing for Companies
* Fixed: Formatting not carrying through into email for single-contact emails
* Fixed: PHP notice in Portal.php
* Fixed: PHP notices on portal invoices
* Improved: Default email template styles
* Improved: Centralised Business info collection into a new settings page 'Business Info'
* Added: Hook for Jetpack Extensions to add menu items via WP system
* Added: Returned 'temphash' work into DAL (removed in error, needed for Mail Campaigns)
* Added: Business Social account setup
* Added: Setting for Unsubscribe message
* Added: Support for shortcode-based unsubscribe page
* Added: Quote Template now takes into account all customer fields (and custom fields)
* Added: "Add Log" quick action for contacts

= 2.89 10/07/18 =
* Fixed: PHP Notice on fresh install dash
* Added: Optionally retrieve settings from db as well as cache when using getSetting
* Added: Jetpack CRM [API Connector](
* Added: Client Portal ability to recreate required page(s)
* Added: Support for Client Portal Pro Templating
* Added: Full [Client Portal PRO]( integration
* Added: Client Portal Pro: Client Files
* Added: Client Portal Pro: Client Task Scheduler
* Added: Client Portal Pro: Client Invoice PDFs
* Added: Client Portal Pro: Customise colours (menu bg and text colour), and template
* Added: Client Portal Pro: Customise slugs, labels, icons
* Added: Client Portal Pro: Turn each client area on or off (e.g. invoices or files)
* Added: Client Portal Pro: Add to Calendar (Task scheduler)
* Added: Client Portal: Now automatically logs against clients when THEY change details
* Improved: Migration logging system & output of complete/incomplete migrations
* Improved: Client Portal now uses shortcodes!
* Improved: Client Portal login now captures fails and redirects properly
* Improved: 20+ small tweaks, documentation improvements to Client Portal and Client Portal Pro

= 2.88 06/07/18 =
* Fixed: Broken link on dashboard
* Fixed: DateTime parsing bug
* Fixed: PHP Notice on Invoice Builder
* Added: Segments Bulk action: Delete
* Added: Guide to [Dynamic Segments](
* Added: Guide to [Segment Quickfilters](
* Improved: Segments hook-ins now allow class-based addition of arguments & conditions
* Improved: Segments slug corrected
* Improved: Segments list view formalised into normalised class
* Improved: Added first layer of support for multi-line fields in CSV importer