A look at Jetpack CRM in Numbers

We've been crafting Jetpack CRM for a while now so we thought we'd put a dynamic page together sharing the numbers behind the building of our CRM as we're building this day-in day-out so it's great to have a reason to look back.

Since launch we've delivered:



..an average of 0.78 updates per week!







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Check out the full change log below.

We consistently provide Regular Updates for Jetpack CRM, if you download our CRM you'll see the updates - adding new features, fixes and improvements each and every week.

Version 4.7.0 16/12/21

Added: pagination and bulk actions now show at the top of listviews

Fixed: catch error if list view has no filter buttons

Fixed: pagination didn’t update when changing listview settings

Fixed: second address fields in client portal now save properly

Improved: show “access restricted” message when one has no access to said object

Improved: using Safari to send email now works as expected

Improved: legacy “Auto-draft Garbage Collection” no longer shows on System Status page

Improved: User Profile page improvements

Improved: contact edit layout now shows properly if addresses are show last

December 16th, 2021

Version 4.6.0 18/11/21

Added: check for mb_internal_encoding support

Fixed: non-hidden fields can be blanked from the Client Portal

Fixed: hidden fields cannot be changed from the Client Portal

Fixed: all placeholders now work if WP is set to another language

Fixed: the client portal button placeholder works properly in manually-sent invoice and quote emails

Fixed: white label sites no longer have a PHP error

Improved: better cache-busting for JS/CSS files

Improved: better handling of avatar settings

Improved: Segment conditions are more reliably respected when building segment counts

Improved: Support for placeholders in single send emails.

Improved: better logging when a customer updates details from the Client Portal

Improved: log types for disabled modules no longer show when adding logs

Improved: HTML string cleanup

Improved: placeholder replacement order in single-send emails

Improved: show contact IDs when merging contact records

Improved: more robust rewrite rule handling of invoices in the client portal

Improved: clean up PHP debug code

November 18th, 2021

Version 4.5.0 20/10/21

Added: Show assigned user on contact profile

Added: New GiveWP core module

Added: Support for file templates for Invoices, Quotes, and Statements (PDFs)

Fixed: Resolves occasional error when sending emails via Email Manager

Fixed: Sending emails sometimes had extra newlines

Fixed: reCaptcha on built-in forms wasn’t properly working

Fixed: Custom field settings could overwrite themselves in rare cases

Fixed: Bug where users could not clear tags against objects.

Fixed: Updated some WooCommerce doc broken links.

Fixed: Calendar shows the newer events first (with a 50000 limit)

Improved: Email Manager messaging tweaks

Improved: Custom field settings now hide when their module is disabled

Improved: Cleaned up boxes on the dashboard

Improved: Refinements to segment caching routines

Improved: Added more translation support

Improved: Refinements to single quote client portal page, and other refactoring around templates

Improved: Moved main email template into templating system (can now be modified via theme file)

Improved: Added security to templates directory to avoid any possible external indexing

Improved: Welcome to Client Portal email now supports ##ASSIGNED-TO-EMAIL## etc.

October 20th, 2021