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Version 4.0.10 17/12/20

Fixed: Duplicated title in the short description logs when creating quotes, invoices, transactions and tasks

Fixed: Custom field with auto-number broken with empty prefix

Fixed: PHP notice for some users from email tracking system

Fixed: Labels now again fully respect locale

Improved: Hardened output of contact list on dash

Improved: Hardened parsing of CSV files

Improved: Custom field types numeric and numeric (decimal) are now reliably sortable via list views

December 17th, 2020 - 31 days ago

Version 4.0.9 10/12/20

Added: New auto-log: Add an activity log to a contact on Quote Accepted

Added: New hook jpcrm_quote_accepted

Fixed: Migration issues where Jetpack CRM is installed with wp-cli

Fixed: List views with ‘Latest Contact’ columns now load properly regardless of DB environment

Fixed: PHP notice around quotes on contact view

Fixed: Quote and Task auto-logging now working correctly

Improved: Removed legacy country-check code

Improved: Quote send via email now allows for optional attachement of quote as a pdf, or any associated files

Improved: Hardened the security around the updating of activity logs

Improved: Resolved a false-positive security flag in a security plugin (removed pclzip)

Improved: Removed some logs from the Javascript console and some PHP notices

Improved: Verified WordPress 5.6 support

December 10th, 2020

Version 4.0.8 25/11/20

Added: You can now use an auto-number sequence as reference in invoices (with prefix and suffix)

Added: Ability to change the label of ‘Reference’ for invoices

Added: Signposting to Company settings page

Added: DAL functionality for retrieving events and event reminders based on reminder status

Added: Migration to update event notification email template

Improved: Event notification email template: Took translations out of template file

Fixed: Company label setting now respected throughout (e.g. Organisation)

Fixed: Typeahead contact->company assignment for new contacts now displays properly

Fixed: You can now have many filters without the view blocking access to them

Improved: Event notification email templating

Improved: .org description improvements

Improved: B2B mode is now a core extension and enabled by default

Improved: Company settings unified into one settings page

Improved: Transaction settings unified into one settings page

Improved: Language labels surrounding company and transaction settings

Improved: Removed legacy file

Improved: Better styling around large elements on list views

November 25th, 2020
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