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Version 4.0.3 17/09/2020

Added: Mail activity log type

Fixed: API docs link was incorrect

Fixed: Form widget now works as expected

Fixed: Restored user filter for tasks

Fixed: Custom field doesn’t show up the dates previous to 1970

Improved: Revenue chart on CRM Dash

Improved: Added gender-neutral contact prefix

Improved: Settings navigation styling

Improved: More robust paid extension handling

Improved: Tweaked list view columns

September 17th, 2020 - 11 days ago

Version 4.0.2 04/09/2020

Fixed: Dashboard Revenue Chart was missing some transactions

Fixed: Customer pre-fill now pre-fills properly.

Fixed: Date paid and date completed now always filled

Fixed: Bulk selection not working in WP5.5+

Fixed: WP5.5+ jQuery function support

Fixed: Some learn buttons were appearing behind some other elements

Fixed: Custom dates like Birthday were not allowing pre 1970 date entries

Fixed: Logo hover icon for fullscreen now turned black from white on white

Fixed: Author update to be Automattic

Fixed: Task status labels now format the colour of the label

Improved: Dashboard Revenue Chart now shows 12 months

September 4th, 2020 - 24 days ago

Version 4.0.1 20/08/2020

Added: Use the Jetpack contact form toggle setting to determine whether to save the contact

Added: Ability to hide prefix field

Fixed: AJAX.php file was being detected as a virus by some AV scanners

Fixed: Removed unnecessary notification after plugin installation

Fixed: the Jetpack Forms extension name

Fixed: Edit profile avatar sometimes not aligning correcetly

Fixed: Transaction creation prefill now works

Fixed: View button on transaction (after assigning a contact) now takes you to view, not edit

Fixed: Clicking a sent email was not loading email correctly

Fixed: Date Paid field is now in correct format in transactions list view.

Improved: Made links open in parent tab rather than new tab where it made sense to do so

Improved: Store the name from a Jetpack contact form submission

Improved: The Jetpack Forms extension will now be enabled by default when the settings are initialized or reset

August 20th, 2020
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