Let Automations handle the mundane tasks within your CRM and save yourself time.

or get all extensions for $199 per year.

Automate your CRM and save time

This extension lets you manage automations for your CRM.

  • Triggers – Choose what triggers your automation
  • Conditions – Define conditions of the automation
  • Actions – Pick an action to fire
Jetpack CRM Automations

Trigger Automations in your CRM

Jetpack CRM gives you the power to setup Automations based on triggers within your CRM. The Triggers are a set of pre-defined events that happen in your CRM. Setting up an Automation Action on the back of a trigger is the perfect way to save yourself time.

Jetpack CRM Automation Triggers

Choose what should trigger your automation to fire. Automations comes with the following options out of the box.

New Contact
New Quote
New Invoice
New Transaction
Choose a trigger
Choose a Condition

Jetpack CRM Automation Conditions

Automations can fire only if certain conditions are met. Want to only send an email to new contacts with status Customer? That’s where conditions come in.

No condition
Has Status
Has Tag
Field Contains
Varies depending on Trigger

Jetpack CRM Automation Actions

Actions are the meat of Jetpack CRM Automations. Plenty of options

Send Email
Assign to
Distribute to
Extension specific

With Distribute to, you can setup a new Automation which distributes new contacts on a round robin basis to a specific CRM user role.

Choose an Action to fire.

Pre Built Automation Recipes.

Automation recipes are our pre-built solutions to do common tasks in your CRM. They’re different to Triggers as they are coded to be super simple to set up. Choose a pre-built recipe and enable it to create the functionality.

Easy Automation Recipes

Easily see the status of your recipes. Enable or Disable with ease. These recipes are prefect for keeping your CRM managed and not forgetting to do a certain task.

Date Created
Date Last Run
Number of times Run
Trigger manually
automation recipes