Jetpack CRM: Product Update #14 – June 2018

It’s been a scorching summer so far 🔥 and we’ve been adding lots and lots of cool additions to Jetpack CRM. We’ve also been working hard to make sure that all of our marketing material is up to date and covers all the CORE features we’ve been adding over the months.

Jetpack CRM: Segments

Our flagship addition in this month has been Segments. Segments is a way of creating groups of Jetpack CRM contacts which meet certain criteria.

Segments are great. They give you a way to say “make a VIP segment” for customers who are Status: Lead with Tag: “X” etc.

Jetpack CRM: Coming Soon

Throughout June we’ve also been working on getting a number of extensions ready to release, these will be covered in more details in the July product update, but we’ve been working hard on getting ready for release

We’ve also got our general Jetpack CRM: Coming Soon page which lets you vote on which extension you want to see next.

Jetpack CRM: Sponsorship

We are looking for people who want to give a little extra and Sponsor our development. In return for being a backer, you’ll be listed on our backers page and get included in our product update and various coverage + swag.

A special thanks to our current backers below

  • Epic Plugins
  • Stormgate
  • Pressertech
  • Web Monkey Limited
  • Derp’s Discoveries
  • UniCenta
  • Once Upon A Time Events

Jetpack CRM: Change Log for June

= 2.87 29/06/18 = 
* Fixed: Complex bug in SQL Where builder
* Fixed: Bug in Bulk Tools -> Delete where contacts weren't being deleted
* Fixed: Sticky sidebar now lets you scroll through tags (list view)
* Added: [CRM Segments](, (List, Edit, New)
* Added: Segment Condition: Status (Equals, Not Equal, Contains)
* Added: Segment Condition: Full name (Equals, Not Equal, Contains)
* Added: Segment Condition: Email (Equals, Not Equal, Contains)
* Added: Segment Condition: Date Added (Before, After, in Date Range)
* Added: Segment Condition: Date Last Contacted (Before, After, in Date Range)
* Added: Segment Condition: Has Tag
* Added: Segment Condition: Is not Tagged
* Added: Segment Condition: Quote Count (Equals, Not Equal, Less than, More than, in Range)
* Added: Segment Condition: Invoice Count (Equals, Not Equal, Less than, More than, in Range)
* Added: Segment Condition: Transaction Count (Equals, Not Equal, Less than, More than, in Range)
* Added: Segment Condition: Country (Equals, Not Equal)
* Added: Segment Condition: County/State (Equals, Not Equal)
* Added: Segment Condition: Postcode/Zip code (Equals, Not Equal)
* Added: Segment type helpers (Tags, Statuses, Dates)
* Added: Segment compiling & auto-compilation (performance gains for EXTRA LARGE CRM databases)
* Added: Internal Automator Action: contact.update
* Added: Internal Automator Actions (name support) contact.update,, contact.status.update
* Added: Ability to use Segments as Contact Listview Quickfilters (setting in Custom Fields settings)
* Added: Ability to use segment Quickfilters alongside other search/tag functionality
* Improved: Added methods to DAL2 getContacts (by status,without status, is not tagged, contacted before, contacted after, has email, in county, in country, in postcode)
* Improved: Mobile Responsive styles for list view
* Improved: Mobile menu now includes tools
* Improved: DAL1 status functions
* Improved: Refactored Segment DAL Code

= 2.86 22/06/18 =
* Fixed: Prefill details for Contact -> Add Invoice
* Fixed: Three UK date reference PHP Warnings
* Fixed: Permissions error for 'Manage Transactions' and CSV Importer PRO
* Fixed: Date picker locale transactions issues
* Fixed: Navigating many pages of contacts via tags now maintains tag selection
* Improved: Added extra clauses to DAL2 contact retrieval
* Improved: Mobile CSS styles for mid-range mobiles
* Improved: Empty name contacts now show email in place of name where using avatar icon function
* Improved: Increased tag suggestion count 15->25
* Added: Clients can now change their password from the Client Portal
* Added: UK + US 1and1 SMTP settings for quick-fill Mail Delivery Setup Wizard
* Added Guide: [Using Jetpack CRM with AWS SES for Email Delivery](

= 2.85 15/06/18 = 
* Fixed: Bug where some invoice dates where showing up as 01/01/1970 (after last update)

= 2.84 13/06/18 = 
* Fixed: Show email instead of blank name in email history
* Fixed: Issue with occasional format leaking in French ($9900 for $99)
* Fixed: Months now translated on company record
* Fixed: DAL2 Contacts now show on menu properly
* Fixed: Client portal shows address info properly & allows update
* Fixed: Brought CPT menus inline with new translation key
* Fixed: Transactions menu giving sorry no access when in non english
* Fixed: Portal Title issues when other plugins filter pre_get_document_title
* Fixed: Admin now sees extra tools
* Fixed: Invalid date issue with our datepickers and the date format 'jS F Y'
* Fixed: Pages such as edit contact now have proper page titles
* Added: Expanded Jetpack var to encapsulate our common url parameters
* Added: Saving protection (if you edit any field in Contact, but try to leave without saving, it'll prompt you)
* Improved: Made JS Format currency function in-line with international formatting