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Product Update – November 2021

Greetings from Jetpack CRM. This post covers what’s new with Jetpack CRM since our last update, want to read back further? You can see all our product update posts here.

We released version 4.6 of Jetpack CRM which improved a number of areas in the CRM, we’ve shown contact IDs when merging two contact records (since, if merging two identical names, it’s hard to know which is the one to be the main contact).

This month we have also improved areas of the CRM linked to our feature improvement around placeholders and we’ve fixed some of the front end CSS on the client portal for various tabs (files and tasks in the Client Portal Pro) extension.

Change log – 4.6 – 18th Nov 2021

* Improved: better cache-busting for JS/CSS files
* Improved: better handling of avatar settings
* Improved: Segment conditions are more reliably respected when building segment counts
* Improved: Support for placeholders in single send emails.
* Improved: better logging when a customer updates details from the Client Portal
* Improved: log types for disabled modules no longer show when adding logs
* Improved: HTML string cleanup
* Improved: placeholder replacement order in single-send emails
* Improved: show contact IDs when merging contact records
* Improved: more robust rewrite rule handling of invoices in the client portal
* Improved: clean up PHP debug code
* Fixed: non-hidden fields can be blanked from the Client Portal
* Fixed: hidden fields cannot be changed from the Client Portal
* Fixed: all placeholders now work if WP is set to another language
* Fixed: the client portal button placeholder works properly in manually-sent invoice and quote emails
* Fixed: white label sites no longer have a PHP error
* Added: check for mb_internal_encoding support

What’s coming next?

We are working on improving the Quotes area of Jetpack CRM for our next feature release as well as continue to refine existing areas of the CRM.

I’d love your thoughts on the CRM and how we can make it better!