Jetpack CRM & SCA

European Payments are changing meaning at some point in the near future*, when accepting card payments online – your implementation may need additional authentication that the person making the payment is who they say they are. This is called strong customer authentication (or SCA)

Jetpack CRM: Invoicing Pro uses Stripe to accept card payments, and as such now uses Stripe’s SCA ready checkout.

Stripe Checkout

Stripe Checkout is a page hosted by Stripe which handles all of the additional checks you may need to do before taking payments.

*the implementation date of SCA depends on the country your bank is in, for example in the UK, this was delayed until March 2021.

What has changed in Jetpack CRM

In Invoicing Pro, from version 2.6 you’ll now see a new Payments tab, this has an additional setting for Stripe Webhook Signing Secret (here’s how you set that up).

Be sure to also double check your stripe secret key and your stripe public key which you get from your Stripe developer settings.

Once you’re set up, now when you create an invoice, with line items, and have Stripe as the payment option, the flow is as follows.

Create your invoice the usual way

Clicking Pay Now brings you to Stripe checkout

This is automatically generated to match the invoice items (they’re even on the breakdown) and you have various options to pay (Stripe allow card, and Google Pay).

Following successful payment, the customer is brought back to your website and it’s confirmed that payment has taken place.

Webhooks do the rest

The Stripe webhook in your Stripe account does the rest, as long as you’ve added your webhook signing secret as per the guide (and have added the webhook endpoint as per the guide). You’re good to go.