Jetpack CRM for eCommerce

Jetpack CRM directly integrates with WooCommerce through our extension. It can also integrate with other eCommerce solutions via our API.


Keep all your customers in one place and see exactly what they have purchased from your eCommerce store.


Get better insights about your customers habits and if your cross selling is working. See what customer has purchased what, and see their total value directly in your CRM.


Tag and Segment your customers based on what Products they have purchased and use this information to send targetted email campaigns

WooCommerce Integration

Be up and running with WooCommerce in a matter of minutes with the simple Welcome Wizard.

Choose type of install
Pick whether to create invoices
Customise the import options
Sync past orders
Start leveraging data

Keep up to date

Keep up to date with what customers have purchased. Tag them with the order and let this trigger industry leading Mail Campaigns from your CRM install.

Auto tag customers with product purchased
Trigger emails to go out based on tag
Send email sequences based on what products are ordered.