Connect Multiple WooCommerce Stores to CRM

In version 5.0 of Jetpack CRM we introduced the free WooSync module which synchronised your WooCommerce data into your CRM easily, and for free. In version 5.2 we’ve expanded this to work for multiple WooCommerce stores!

Multiple WooCommerce Stores into CRM

From the free core CRM plugin you can enable multi-site multi-store sync quickly and easily; all customer and order data will be automatically populated into your CRM from your different WooCommerce stores.


Multiple WooCommerce Stores

You can connect many WooCommerce Stores to your CRM quickly and easily, just type their URL into the Store connection manager!



Get better ‘global’ insights on your customers habits. See which customer has purchased which products, across all of your ecommerce stores.



If you run multiple WooCommerce stores it is a pain to view different dashboards. With Jetpack CRM all your data is in one place, and automatically up-to-date.

A single place, for all WooCommerce orders

It used to be that if you had several ecommerce stores then until now you needed a different CRM to track each store. Jetpack CRM now brings all of your WooCommerce data together from across stores, manage a single CRM and see which customers have bought from your other stores. Whether you’re dominating a niche or you sell under several different brands, centralise your marketing efforts with Jetpack CRM for WordPress!