One Less Step to Getting Paid

Life’s too short to require logging in for every possible action. Some things (like paying bills or viewing proposals) can be safely served with unique urls, reducing friction for the client and getting you paid quicker. Easy Access Links mean more effective business communications.


Unique URL’s allow the client to easily view proposals or invoices without any logging in


Send the potential client an email, or an instant message. From that 1 link they can view and accept


Clients can simply click the invoice link, then click pay (requires Invoicing Pro)

Clients Can be Slow…

How many excuses have you heard before being paid by clients? Some clients can seem like they’re avoiding paying you. With Easy Access Links clients can load the invoice or proposal with one click, and pay right there on the page (or accept the proposal!)

Easy Access Client Portal Pages in Jetpack CRM

One Click Access

Once you’ve turned on Easy Access Links, all of your Invoices & Quotes will be accessible via a unique URL. This means you can share a proposal or invoice which will be accessible with one click, and no login!

Get Paid Quicker (zero friction)
No login to accept payments
Send your Client the Proposal quickly with 1 link