Jetpack CRM: Product Update #8 – Dec 2017

Seasons greetings! December has been a busy month, (when is it not busy, am I right?) preparing some GIANT stuff for Jetpack CRM. We’ve got a new extension which will automate your CRM beyond any limits, a version 2 of our Mail Campaigns for WordPress CRM and a serious rethink of the UI, all in the works.

Anyway – while we squirrelled away hours improving the Free core CRM and extensions this month, we weren’t careless with even a moment. Efficacy over efficiency, we say. Here’s a short rundown for the month of December, but stay tuned, the big stuff will hit in January and February of 2018! (Note, we usually do much more full product updates, but this month is a rare exception, back to business as normal next month):

Significant additions to the CRM in December 2018

  • Client Portal Settings Improvements
  • Companies can now have custom statuses
  • Fixed 10+ bugs and typos
  • Groundwork for Database V2 (think 20x speed performance increase!)
  • Groundwork for Mail Campaigns V2
  • Beta version of CRM Automations
  • Groundwork for CRM->SMS

Thanks for taking the time to check this mini update. Have a great new year!

Mike & Woody

Full change log for the Core CRM WordPress Plugin:

= 2.26.1 27/12/17 =
* Fixed: Bug in Client Portal Settings
* Fixed: Bug in Client Portal re: Customer ID

= 2.26 04/12/17 =
* Added: Ability to specify custom statuses for Companies (distinctly from Customers)

= 2.25 04/12/17 =
* Fix for DAL companies retrieval
* Typo fix for settings page

= 2.24 02/12/17 =
* Fixed: Bug in task scheduler which forced assignment of an task event to a contact (not able to select none) (Thanks Gibby)
* Fixed: Typos in company meta boxes
* Improved: Made functions to allow extraMeta values for contact object
* Improved: Several improvements to functions in DAL relating to ownership and complex data retrieval
* Added: “In Country” selector to DAL get Companies function