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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #26 – Feb 2020

This year we’re determined to bring back our monthly CRM Product Update posts. After the busyness of the past year, we’re finally settling back into a reliable development cycle, which will mean we can contribute a lot to the CRM you’re using to run your business.

Right now we’re hammering on with v3.0 refinements & bug fixes, and we’re also making a start on the release version of Mail Campaigns v2.

V3.0 was a huge release for us, and while there have been a handful of snags (which we’re working on resolving, or have resolved), we’re happy to say that it was a fairly successful transition, and should pave the way for a much more solid CRM in future.

Jetpack CRM Core

As you can expect, most of the Core CRM development has been around tidying up v3.0 elements, but we have started adding support to make the most out of v3.0 where we can:

  • Fixed 17 bugs
  • Better support for non-typical database storage engines like modified MariaDB & where InnoDB not available
  • Expanded system status page to provide more database-relevant information
  • Improved PDF generation & International character support in PDFs
  • Some better signposting to Exports etc. via menus
  • Changed placeholder values for contact fields to use US defaults for en_US & added to translations so these can be localised
  • Improved support for using Jetpack CRM in WordPress.com UI

Jetpack Extensions

In CRM Extensions we’ve been tidying up a few extensions, including a fix for Automations and WooSync.

Most notably though, we finalised our plans for the Mail Campaigns v2 release version, so that’s ready to get worked on. (Based entirely on feedback from users who’ve tried the beta, so a big thank you to those of you who tried this and sent in ideas & bug reports).

Other News

The other big exciting news is that our co-founder Mike has become a father, so congratulations to him and his wife.

Unfortunately due to Corona, we won’t be going to WCEU as we’d hoped, but better safe than sorry. This part of the WCEU postponement announcement really got us:

This is, by far, the most heartbreaking part of a cancellation: the fact that we won’t get to gather together in person, to connect, share knowledge and inspire one another during our sessions, hallway tracks, and dinners.

… we agree wholeheartedly, and we hope that all of you reading this are safe, and that your families and businesses are well.