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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #16 – August 2018

Welcome to the Jetpack CRM August 2018 Product Update. This post covers everything we’ve added, fixed or improved during the month of August.

As with all development, we listen to what our customers are asking for and build with consistency.

Jetpack CRM Core Updates

We’ve added and refined a lot in August. Jetpack CRM keeps marching towards version v3.0 which will be launching with new price points and include all the features that have built up since our v2.0 pricing.

List View Options

We’ve been asked for this numerous times. To be able to include all fields in the list view tables as well as set the number of contact records to display per page.

Previously this was forced to be 20 records for all. Now you can choose how many to show.

Tasks, Your Profile, Your Tasks

We’ve also built out the “You” side of the CRM. The start of this being Your Profile page which will show (initially) your name

It will eventually become the place where you can connect various tools. The first being our support for Microsoft Outlook Calendars with Calendar Pro (Calendar Pro due for release in October 2018).

We’ve also refined the “Tasks” side of the CRM as we made it more useful and visual for teams using the CRM.

Other Core Additions

We’ve also added permission controls when it comes to being able to Delete Activity Logs, as well as exposing the timezone of your server and automatically marking invoices as paid when transactions are assigned to them (and no further amount is due).

Fixes and Improvements

We’ve also fixed plenty of bugs, improved CSS in various places and refined based on your feedback. There’s also been plenty of behind the scenes groundwork to allow the integration with Mail Campaigns version 2.0 which will be released in beta in the coming weeks.

General Updates

We’ve also been busy improving knowledge base articles, and marketing material – be sure to check out our features page here.


Extension Updates

We’ve been hard at work at two brand new extensions which will be being released in Q4 2018.

  • System Email Pro – this will allow you to use Canned Replies and schedule follow up emails
  • Calendar Pro – this will allow you to connect your Outlook Calendar to your CRM and use Tasks which sync to Outlook

Not to mention the prophesy of Mail Campaigns v2.0 which has been making great progress throughout August.


Not forgetting our backers 🙂

A special thanks to our current backers below, if you want to help fund Jetpack CRM through a sponsorship, you can do so here.

  • Epic Plugins
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  • Once Upon A Time Events

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