Product Update – December 2021

In this post we’re covering what’s new with Jetpack CRM since the last update (you can see all prior updates here).

Jetpack CRM: Core

First up, we’ve been making some improvements to one of the most used parts of the CRM – the list views. We’ve added Bulk Actions and the pagination functionality to the top of the list view (as well as the bottom).

To trigger the bulk actions, just check any of the checkboxes in the list view and you can change contacts in bulk.

We’ve also made some early tweaks to the “Your Profile” page in the CRM.

We’ll be adding some extra parts to the “Your Profile” in a future release so if you’ve not signed up to the email list you can do so here to be notified of CRM updates.

We’ve also fixed some smaller bugs and made the CRM edit contact view more respective of certain field layout options (did you know, you can change the order in which contact fields show up)

Change Log

Fixed: catch error if list view has no filter buttons
Fixed: pagination didn’t update when changing listview settings
Fixed: second address fields in client portal now save properly
Improved: show “access restricted” message when one has no access to said object
Improved: using Safari to send email now works as expected
Improved: legacy “Auto-draft Garbage Collection” no longer shows on System Status page
Improved: User Profile page improvements
Improved: contact edit layout now shows properly if addresses are show last
Added: pagination and bulk actions now show at the top of listviews

Jetpack CRM: Extensions

We’ve made some smaller changes to our extensions this month, with our focus being on the core CRM so only a couple of tweaks here:

  • We’ve made it easier to know which fields are which if importing via CSV and having two addresses (e.g. billing & shipping) since both would say “Address Line 1” and it wasn’t super clear if it meant shipping or billing.
  • In our Stripe Connect extension, we’ve handled some error cases a bit nicer and also made it easier to find where the settings are for adding your Stripe keys.

What else has been happening?

I’ve been chatting to quite a few of you the past few weeks about Jetpack CRM, how you’re using it and a bit about your businesses and use case. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to hang out with me on Zoom – I really appreciate it.

All of these chats have been private and 1:1 with me, but I’d love to take it a step further and start hosting some public chats to build up some use cases on this website.

Which leads me onto…

Jetpack CRM – YouTube Channel

If you’ve not seen it – we have a YouTube channel for CRM here – watch the video below which covers what the channel is about and if you haven’t already, please do subscribe

What will we cover on the channel in future?

  • Insider tips – like this one about doubling your contacts in your CRM.
  • How to videos – such as adding contacts via the API
  • Customer testimonials – we’d love it if you’d share with us your thoughts on Jetpack CRM.
  • Business spotlights – a little bit like the 1:1 chats, but public and spotlighting your use case.