Jetpack CRM: Product Update #13 – May 2018

There’s been so much we’ve been adding to the CRM that sometimes we forget that we also need to keep telling you what is new. As we enter our second year of solid product updates to the CRM, it’s a good time to take a step back and look at what has been accomplished over the past year.

Jetpack CRM Product Updates

We started writing monthly product updates just over a year ago. This is our 13th one, and it’s certainly not unlucky for some. If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to absorb all the goodness we’ve added, the list is below

  1. Product Update #1 – Where we added Stripe Sync and WorldPay Sync as extensions
  2. Product Update #2 – Where you can hide custom fields, and added 3 new extensions
  3. Product Update #3 – Where we added Task Calendar, as well as improved our store design and released our kb
  4. Product Update #4 – Where we added the CRM Dashboard, added the new customer list view plus much more
  5. Product Update #5 – Where we made the CRM fully translation ready, as well as launched our first extension manager page
  6. Product Update #6 – Where we added the list view “Quick Filters” as well as progressed Automations
  7. Product Update #7 – Where we added Bulk Actions to the list view, merge contacts and “Also known as” features
  8. Product Update #8 – Where we made a start to the database migration for contacts (and enjoyed Christmas)
  9. Product Update #9 – Where we improved the API, added a WooSync welcome wizard and started on Funnels (extension)
  10. Product Update #10 – Where we added a brand new User Interface to the product.
  11. Product Update #11 – Where we improved on the default PDF invoice, added File Slot options and Quote PDF downloads
  12. Product Update #12 – Where we did another huge update covering System Emails, Email deliverability and File Management

All in all, from the 1st May 2017 to the 1st May 2018 we’ve added, fixed, or improved on over 750+ items. We couldn’t keep on doing this without the support of our customers, so if you’re yet to join the growing army of Entrepreneur’s, you can do so by picking up a bundle here.

If you already have a bundle, and would like to support us even more, we have our Jetpack CRM Backers opportunities (where you get some swag and advertising space in return).

Our 13th update is just as packed, in May 2018 alone, we added, improved or fixed over 150 items. 


The changes that happened to the Core in May have been a mixture of officially releasing the updates which happened in April (mail delivery and email templates). It also made leaps and bounds in a lot of stabilisation work (which we’ve carried on into June, which you’ll see in the next months update – keep up to date here)

Suggested Tags, and Delete Tags

Adding tags to a contact was a bit clunky, you had to type and hope you typed it right. If you spelled it wrong, you couldn’t delete your incorrect tag. We’ve now added suggested tags, and delete tags to the core (edit tags is coming soon)

As well as being able to delete tags from the tags list

Date and Time Formatting

We’ve improved on the date storage of objects too. If you ever noticed that an activity log said “added 4 hours ago” when really you just added it, then this has been fixed.

Product Demo

Don’t forget, we are continuing to run a Product Demo of Jetpack CRM for those of you who want to hop on and ask us Questions Live.


Zero BS Extensions

We’ve been doing a lot of stabilisation work with the extensions over the past couple of months. We’ve also added a new extension which lets you manage passwords for your contacts. Introducing the Client Password Manager Extension.

Client Password Manager Extension

This extension has been made out of a need. When your managing certain types of clients, you may also want to have a list of passwords to hand (so you don’t lose them). Sure, you can use something like LastPass, but when you get to a situation of managing 500 customers, with website login, FTP access and the likes, you may want to store them against their CRM record and make it super easy to see them in future.

That’s just what Client Password Manager does. You can store URL , username and password combinations in the security of your own database.

Other changes to extensions

We’ve also made some tweaks to other extensions, the list is covered below

  • WooSync – now takes into account Product Variations in the invoice itemiser (requires invoicing pro)
  • Invoicing Pro – you can now choose on a per invoice basis, whether to accept online payments

Extensions Coming Soon

We’ve re-worked our coming soon page for extensions and we need your help. If you’ve not voted on which extension you want to see next (and influence which we work on first) then now is the time to head over to our coming soon page and GET VOTING.

You can also request a new extension via that page (if it’s not already on the list).

A special thanks to our current backers below

  • Epic Plugins
  • Stormgate
  • Pressertech
  • Web Monkey Limited
  • Derp’s Discoveries
  • UniCenta
  • Once Upon A Time Events

Jetpack CRM CORE Change Log – May 2018

= 2.83 31/05/18 =
* Fixed: Your Details tab not saving (Client Portal)
* Fixed: Transaction date picker
* Fixed: Making date formats global
* Fixed: Manage Invoice List formatting Bug
* Fixed: 2 Log editing functionality bugs
* Fixed: Invalid date on Invoices
* Added: Delete Tags from Tag Manager
* Added: 'Suggested Tags' quickfinder
* Added: Hook to allow extra meta to be stored against Invoice
* Improved: Notes now only let you edit 1 at a time (UI Improved)
* Improved: Notes of an unknown type now do not allow edits
* Improved: DAL2 delete tags now deletes tag links (cleaner database)

= 2.82 29/05/18 =
* Fixed: 2 bugs with dupe ID's
* Fixed: Hook in contact view wasn't using proper object
* Fixed: API Groove Bug
* Fixed: Duplicate hook in Portal code
* Added: Hook for working with Jetpack Extension: [Client Password Manager](
* Improved: Hook for actions for contacts
* Improved: Hook for log type overrides

= 2.81 24/05/18 =
* Fixed: Bug in API sticky statuses where sticky status was not honoured
* Fixed: Bug in build meta function (contacts)
* Fixed: Bug causing contacts to be updated with empty fields (if updated via api/forms)
* Fixed: PHP warning for core file
* Fixed: Bug where meta not deleting in DAL2
* Fixed: Bug where meta reinserting not deleting
* Fixed: PHP notice in events list
* Fixed: Bug in contact ownership model
* Fixed: Style bug for some users on contact view
* Fixed: Bug in settings model relating to character '
* Fixed: ' bug in mail templates, contact fields, DAL2 generally
* Fixed: Bug where by transaction statuses were not automatically created on install
* Fixed: Date formatting on all date & date-range pickers now respects locale setting
* Fixed: Faulty merge routine for bulk actions (contacts) since DAL2
* Fixed: When merging, tag references were orphaned, no longer
* Added: Support for include checks (Stripe in extensions)
* Added: Double force the second address box to hide on setting (for some users it was showing empty)
* Added: 'Files' tab to contact view
* Added: Show/Hide files on Client portal (if using [Client Portal Pro](
* Added: Ability to delete files from Contact View
* Added: Ability to give files titles & descriptions
* Added: File Edit view
* Added: Mail Delivery guides to settings page
* Added: Migration to auto-update user roles
* Added: Option to allow/disallow API/forms to override data with blanks
* Documentation: Added full guides on [Mail Delivery Methods]( via [SMTP]( and [wp_mail](
* Improved: Added upload_files permissions to customer manager user role
* Improved: File display on contact record
* Improved: Refactored file assoc storage
* Improved: When deleting files, if they were in a slot, that'll now be cleared
* Improved: UI now reflects files against contact live (e.g. removed slot, deleted) in Contact Edit
* Improved: Adjusted Invoice Notification emails based on feedback (logo fixes)
* Improved: Clarified SMS button in contact editor
* Improved: Added hard refresh mode for settings loading
* Improved: AKA/Alias area now validates email pre-add

= 2.80 16/05/18 =
* Fixed: ' in custom fields causing output glitchs
* Fixed: Price & Date custom field types sometimes not saving down
* Fixed: AKA input now clears when adding a new alias
* Fixed: Typo Gravatars
* Fixed: Name column now sorts properly for contacts
* Fixed: Form ID column now links to form
* Fixed: Bug where some sort orders would result in empty data lists
* Improved: Updated Form list default columns to include 'title' and 'edit'
* Improved: Mobile CSS and responsiveness
* Improved: Hid empty ID for new contact edit
* Improved: Sorting on Contact List View now works on first name and last name
* Improved: Warning now shown if you try to update a contact with an already existing email address
* Improved: Get Contact function now checks Alias (AKA) as well as normal email
* Added: 2 actions to Portal: Jetpack_portal_nav_pre_logout & Jetpack_portal_request
* Added: Telephone numbers to search on contacts list view

= 2.79.1 14/05/18 =
* Fixed: Paging bug in new DAL (Contacts)
* Fixed: Small bug in portal generation code
* Fixed: Collation type bug in update routine
* Fixed: Style bug in PDF Invoices
* Improved: All timestamps now take into account timezone offsets properly
* Improved: Contact search is now FAR more reliable
* Improved: Reordered some logic & tweaked date building funcs
* Improved: Customer API Request updated to DAL2 methods
* Added: ₣ symbol for XPF currenecy
* Added: Sticky sidebars to list views
* Added: Local/Connectivity checks to system status page
* Added: Local Time logging to System Status page
* Added: System Email recent history logging
* Added: System Email open tracking
* Added: Option to globally enable/disable system email open tracking
* Added: Mail Template editor & Basic templates for:
* Added: Option to choose format of send direct email name (e.g. John Doe @ Your Company)
* Mail Template: Welcome to the Client Portal
* Mail Template: Event Notification
* Mail Template: Invoice Notification
* Mail Template: Quote Notification
* Mail Template: Quote accepted Notification
* Added: Mail Delivery setup (Support for SMTP & wp_mail for all outbound emails)

= 2.79 03/05/18 =
* Fixed: Bug for translated dates in Company List & Edit Contact
* Fixed: Some html errors as advised by Mélanie 
* Update to translation files and translation support to match plugin slug (zero-bs-crm)

= 2.78 01/05/18 = 
* Fixed: Backward compatibility for PHP 5 bug

= 2.77 01/05/18 =
* Fixed: Bug in tag manager causing some new tags not to save
* Fixed: Bug where new users would hit issues with extension settings saving
* Fixed: Typo 'Activity Log'
* Fixed: Removed a title fixing function that was causing some installs trouble
* Fixed: Rounded avatars in edit view
* Added: Capabilities to Jetpack Metabox engine
* Added: Initial capabilities for each metabox (on contact edit)
* Added: Ability to hide/show metaboxes
* Added: Ability to minimise/show metaboxes
* Added: Page Layout panel
* Added: Per-user screen options (via Page Layout + metabox dragdrop)
* Improved: Tag Manager is now object generic, prep for finish of DAL2 work
* Improved: Updated main plugin Author URL to ([]
* Improved: Exposed Custom Field Keys (Slugs) + slightly improved UI
* Improved: Added backward compatibility & slug compatibility to [Contact Form 7 Extension](
* Improved: Moved edit page metabox system inline with pageKey setup (Screen Options / Page Layout)
* Updated: Semantic UI Icon Set