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Posted on August 16, 2019 by Mike Stott

We’ve got some incredibly exciting news to share in this update. Zero BS CRM has joined Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com. With Automattic in our corner, we will go from a team of two, to being part of a team of 900+ incredible individuals. 

This means Zero BS CRM will be getting better through deeper integrations with WordPress and help and support across the board, from product development to usability and design.


We have built Zero BS CRM to scratch our own itch. For years, we’ve chosen WordPress as the centre of our entrepreneurial business operations. We also use it personally for travel blogs and other projects. We ❤️ WordPress.

When a family member approached us for advice on a CRM solution that would suit his local construction business, we couldn’t find any that would meet his needs and integrate well with his WordPress website. We kept hitting the same issues: too complex. Too expensive. Or just plain bad.

So we built ZBS CRM. We designed it to be simple to use, but powerful. We still use it ourselves every day. Since our initial launch we’ve delivered consistent updates (over 150 in less than three years), and our CRM product has improved week in, week out.

We’ve built extensions to work with WooCommerce and help users connect their eCommerce store to a CRM, all in one place. We’ve developed additional modules to help our users market products and services to their customers based on advanced segments and email targeting.


We’ve always admired Automattic as a business, and have modelled our own business practices on remote work, efficacy, and a focus on tools that make an impact. We care about creating a better web.

One day, we received a support ticket asking about Mail Campaigns and how best to set up sequences for customers.

What we didn’t realise was this user was linked to Automattic, and was becoming a strong advocate for our product within the company. What followed was a series of conversations with leaders from different parts of Automattic. The more people we talked to, the more we realised our visions were in alignment. When the opportunity arose to continue to work on our product as part of Automattic, we decided to go for it.


Firstly, if you are a paying customer of Zero BS CRM, nothing will change. We’ll still be providing the same service. We still plan to release v3.0 as we’d initially planned (we expect it to come out in late September).

We also won’t be increasing the prices of our bundles once we release v3.0, which we had initially intended to do. With Automattic’s backing, we’ll be able to provide faster support (you may have already noticed some new faces replying to your tickets), and release new features more quickly than before.


We’ve known for a while that our name is like marmite. You either love it, or you hate it.

We’re also aware of the difficulties in having profanity in a product name. So we’ll be using this opportunity to cut the cr*p and profanity from the name and will be looking to rename Zero BS CRM in the future (while preserving everything else, from product features to the quality of customer service).

For those of you who love our product, but have found the name tricky to swallow, you can expect a positive change soon.


If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll be aware that we’ve been working flat out to deliver as a team of two founders. With the backing and support of Automattic, we’ll be able to bring improvements to the CRM faster than ever.

The main goal of Zero BS CRM has been to streamline complex processes and build products that are easy to use. We want our customers to focus on what matters most to them. We stand by the spirit of our manifesto (which maps very well to Automattic’s creed), and will continue to build and refine high-quality software for entrepreneurs and small businesses.


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11 responses to “We’ve joined Automattic”

  1. Congrats guys! Keep it up. Looking forward to the next phase. All the best.

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  3. Jassica Mark says:

    Wow, good news and I think Automattic can probably take the code further with their reputation and create a profitable environment for both of them while giving a better tool for professionals to work with.

  4. […] after that, Automattic also acquired the Zero BS CRM plugin with the intention of rebranding it as Jetpack CRM. The name is yet to be officially […]

  5. Theme Authority says:

    Really exciting announcement!

    Thanks for sharing. CONGRATULATIONS 🙂

  6. Amine Kafal says:

    I’ve very excited to hear that. I admire Automattic for the work they’ve done so far and as a wordpress developer and integrator, i cant wait to start using ZBS for my future CRM Implementations.

    Great work.

  7. Pawel says:


  8. Droit says:

    Congratulations on achieving such a significant milestone, Mike Stott!

  9. Christian Pittrof says:

    Hi, just read this 2 year old article on Zero BS CRM joining Automattic. Am I right that in the meantime
    Zero BS CRM was rebranded and relaunched as Jetpack CRM, ie, Jetpack CRM is now the new Zero BS CRM?
    Many thanks for feedback/confirmation!

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