Self-Hosted CRM Case Study: Small Accountancy Business

Over the next few weeks, in a series of blog posts, we’re going to explore how the epic Jetpack CRM could help a small accountancy business, run by its sole owner and director, perform efficiently and more profitably. We’re going to look at the specifics of this hypothetical enterprise, such as client base, the owner’s resources of time, skill and hardware, as well as analytics employed in critical decision-making regarding marketing, cash flow management and time management. We’re then going to look at what the most commonly used types of CRM are and at a few of the well rated CRMs, making a case for using a self-hosted application as opposed to using a SaaS. Having chosen Jetpack CRM for this specific business, we’re going to find out how its core functions and a couple of the extras work to boost its profits. By the end of the series, we’ll be able to have a clear picture of Jetpack in action.

Read on: #2 – Small Accountancy Business Case Study: CRM Requirements


A note from the author:

Jetpack CRM is the ultimate no-frills customer relationship manager, perfectly designed to suit the needs of small businesses and online entrepreneurs. Its core kit is quick and easy to install, running on WordPress. It’s free, self-hosted and straight forward. And it just works.

For any extra requirements, additional features can be purchased as bundles, but still sticking to the no-nonsense principle: CSV importer, PayPal or WooCommerce Sync.

It’s a CRM that arose out of the developers’ own need for a lean and practical CRM which the market didn’t seem to have on offer. No contract management, order management or call centre functionalities a solo entrepreneur would have no use for.

Full list of posts in series (Self-Hosted CRM Case Study: Small Accountancy Business)

#1 – Introduction: Small Accountancy Firm CRM Case Study (this post)

#2 – CRM Requirements

#3 – Choosing a CRM

#4 – Learning to Use A CRM

#5 – Summary: Using a CRM as a Small Accountancy Business