Groove Sync

Retrieve all customer data from Groove automatically. Keep all Leads in your CRM.

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Retrieve all your customer and support ticket data from Groove, automatically

  • Leverage – Use customer data that you’re not yet using!
  • Synchronise – Creates Customers and logs support ticket data
  • Automatic – Keeps your customer database up to date automatically

Easily Import & Sync your Groove data

Why would you want to import your Groove HQ account data? The answer is simple. Groove HQ is one of the top support desk softwares out there. Your contacts are likely to email you and this should be captured into your help desk software.

However, until now it’s not been added to your CRM. This means you’ve been missing out on two key pieces of data about your customers!

Are you neglecting Leads that have emailed you, have hit your help-desk (maybe with a pre-sale Q) but not converted into a customer
In your Contacts (customers and leads) how many tickets have been opened where they need help

The first piece of data your missing out on is CRUCIAL to growing your business. How many leads might you be missing that have contacted your help desk.

The second piece helps you refine your OPERATIONS. Do you have 10 tickets per customer, draining your support team’s time and reducing your operating profits? Through knowing how often you’re contacted by your customers you can refine and build processes to minimise the same things cropping up for future customers (and make their experience with you even nicer!)

Analyse your Support Tickets – New in v1.1

From Version 1.1+ of Groove Sync we have refactored the importing system. Now, rather than just adding a note to the customer log it maintains your ticket information in a handy list view. But that’s not all. Since the data is stored this way it also gives you the ability to see your support team analytics.

From this you can see exactly where your tickets are coming in the most (which inbox) and also the growth in tickets over time.

Clicking ‘View Tickets’ will take you to the list view for the tickets from that mailbox.

Using this you can analyse your tickets and discover trends in what people are asking about. From this you can update your knowledgebase to help cut down on similar support topics cropping up.


Set and forget

Hit Import Groove Info and your customers and support ticket details will be added to your CRM. You only need to do this once, after that Jetpack CRM Groove Sync automatically keeps your CRM up to date with your Groove Account.


14 day money back guarantee14 day Money back guarantee on all purchases.

Groove Sync Features:

Syncs Customers – including name and email

Imports Ticket Data – find out which customers open tickets

Smart Updates – Customers get updated when info changes

See aggregated data – Which customers reach out to you the most

Easy to install & setup – a quick 2-minute job you can do directly from your browser

Efficient Code – all extensions are performance optimised

Jetpack CRM Promise – all extensions add value in a clean, effective way, guaranteed!

Groove Sync Specification:

Requires Jetpack CRM Version: 1.5+

Requires PHP Version: 5.4+

Compatible with WordPress Versions: WordPress 4.2+

Tested on multiple server setups

Customer Reviews:

I get my pre-sales questions into my Groove HQ mailbox. This extension makes sure I capture these contacts. It also gives me insight into which contacts have opened tickets and when.


Get Groove Sync Now:

This extension leverages your Groove data and saves hours of your time keeping customer records up to date and accessible.

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