Subscribe your contacts to your ConvertKit list automatically. Subscribe to a form, add a tag or subscribe to a sequence

or get all extensions for $199 per year.

Funnel your Jetpack CRM Customers to ConvertKit

  • Tag – Tag your Jetpack CRM customers with a specific ConvertKit tag
  • Sequence– Add your Jetpack CRM customers to a sequence
  • Subscribe– Subscribe customers (or leads) to your ConvertKit list as you add them to your CRM

Never miss adding a Lead or Customer to your Mailing List

With the Jetpack CRM Convert Kit extension you can start capturing your CRM contacts (leads and customers) onto your ConvertKit email lists.

Tag the subscribers that you add with a specific tag so you can filter then in ConvertKit later. Subscribe them to a sequence and you can start marketing them using your ConvertKit sequences

ConvertKit Features:

Add contacts to your list   – Jetpack CRM contacts directly into your ConvertKit list

Easy to install & setup – a quick 2-minute job you can do directly from your browser

Efficient Code – all extensions are performance optimised

Jetpack CRM Promise – all extensions add value in a clean, effective way, guaranteed!

ConvertKit Specification:

Requires Jetpack CRM Version: 2.10.4+

Requires PHP Version: 5.4+

Compatible with WordPress Versions: WordPress 4.2+

Tested on multiple server setups

Customer Reviews:

Now my customers I add to my CRM go directly onto my list and start receiving my marketing sequence. So much easier than trying to remember every time.


Get the ConvertKit Extension Now:

This extension makes your life easier by tagging your customers (and leads) and adding them to your mailing list over at ConvertKit.

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Note: If you want to use this with our other extensions, your cheapest option is the Entrepreneur’s Bundle.