Product update – September 2022

After releasing version 5.0 of Jetpack CRM in May we’ve been hard at work refining and improving upon this release, which focuses on making the best CRM for WooCommerce. We’ve just released v5.3 and in this post we’re going to share what’s new and what we’ve improved.

Jetpack CRM 5.3

This month we released v5.3 of Jetpack CRM and it was packed with 19 fixes, 22 improvements, and 7 new feature additions. Our main focus continues to be working on making Jetpack CRM work well with WooCommerce, and you can see that in the improvements we’ve added, from fixes to quote, invoice, and client portal modules to hardening of the security, along with API-layer refinements.

Full CRM Core Changelog

  • Fixed: WooSync properly maps the “On hold” transaction status
  • Fixed: Custom date fields now work correctly under WooCommerce My Account
  • Fixed: Client Portal is now properly aligned when using the Twenty Twenty theme
  • Fixed: catch an edge-case API error when no results are found
  • Fixed: invoice exports no longer give PHP errors
  • Fixed: “Powered by” messaging now consistently respects its setting
  • Fixed: “Older than X days” filter works again
  • Fixed: reCaptcha form settings are no longer reset
  • Fixed: “Select All” button on export page now works
  • Fixed: sort by total value sometimes gave an error
  • Fixed: uploaded files could not be accessed when using Apache
  • Fixed: “My Invoices” link in WooCommerce My Account no longer triggers an error
  • Fixed: plain permalinks can now be used with the Client Portal
  • Fixed: “Thank You” page from Client Portal is now accessible when using easy-access links
  • Fixed: escape translated apostrophes in client portal metabox
  • Fixed: PHP notice on task manager when not an admin
  • Fixed: segment editor shows correct match type
  • Fixed: quotes and invoices in the Client Portal now respect theme colors
  • Fixed: custom permalinks no longer break the Client Portal
  • Fixed: various security fixes
  • Improved: better handling of HTML-encoded content on export
  • Improved: Refined the way we protect sensitive data storage
  • Improved: removed unused legacy API files
  • Improved: renamed undocumented “api_status” endpoint to “status”
  • Improved: better handling of relative date output
  • Improved: show correct dates in invoices despite timezone variations
  • Improved: consolidated various “Powered by” settings into two general settings
  • Improved: deleted contacts no longer generate PHP notices in email manager
  • Improved: better performance on large sites
  • Improved: better API error handling
  • Improved: prevent exporting an object type if there are no objects to export
  • Improved: API secret is now hashed upon generation for better security
  • Improved: new API credentials have “jpcrm_” prefix
  • Improved: CRM-only menu choice during welcome wizard no longer enables full WP override setting
  • Improved: better messaging when generating a WP user fails
  • Improved: prevent saving an invalid email to a contact
  • Improved: tweaks to list view settings UX
  • Improved: refined messaging on WooSync hub page around paused sites
  • Improved: performance boosts to WooSync for large sites
  • Improved: removed JS error from console when on the dashboard
  • Improved: replaced outdated feedback page with CRM Resources page
  • Improved: contacts created via WooSync are now assigned to a company if specified
  • Added: custom date fields now show on the Client Portal
  • Added: get CRM version info with the “status” endpoint
  • Added: invoice list view now has “date” and “due date” columns
  • Added: new backend webhook system via API
  • Added: new setting to disable WooSync order status mapping
  • Added: optional transaction status column in the Client Portal
  • Added: “jpcrm_after_contact_update” and “jpcrm_after_contact_insert” hooks

Extensions updates

Client Portal Pro v2.1.0 comes with a few frequently-requested features, including the ability to order and hide fields on the details page.

We also released minor bugfix and compatibility updates to Awesome Support Connector, Contact Form 7, Stripe Connect, and System Email Pro.

Questions, comments, or feedback?

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