Product Update – December 2022

In this product update we announce our MailPoet integration, release lots of improvements to our Segments and Advanced Segment workflows, and some significant fixes for WooSync. We also tackle a number of low level security vulnerabilities and harden up other CRM code.

The main highlight of this release is the new MailPoet synchronisation module, but there are many good reasons to update your core CRM plugin as we’ve really packed in the fixes and improvements too.

Added support for Client Portal Pro improvements (it now has contact file uploads via the portal!)

Improved Segment conditions, UI, and bug fixes, added support for improvements in Advanced Segments.

Refined date and date-time inputs to work in more international and format scenarios.

Fixes to Invoice builder for zero balance and negative value situations.

Fixed and hardened many security aspects.

Improved the way we store files for you, centralising directories and doubling up the security.

Full v5.5 release changelog:

  • Added: MailPoet Sync module (Import MailPoet Subscribers into CRM Contacts)
  • Added: Export CRM Segment to MailPoet Subscriber list functionality
  • Added: MailPoet Contact List View Filter
  • Added: Autologging of MailPoet Subscriber changes on contact
  • Added: MailPoet Contact View information tab
  • Added: Custom profile pictures for contacts now use a new field
  • Added: Migration to correct incorrect errors for custom field based Segment Conditions
  • Improved: caught PHP warning when creating a new contact with navigation mode enabled
  • Improved: one can select “none” for shipping tax rate when editing transactions
  • Improved: Refactored date and datetime picker logic to be more robust
  • Improved: Segment conditions now have proper positioning and categorisation
  • Improved: Styling in Segment editor with the recent addition of lots of new conditions
  • Improved: Files for companies, invoices, and quotes are now stored in separate folders
  • Improved: Security around Email viewing
  • Improved: contact profile activity timeline properly renders newlines
  • Improved: custom date fields now have additional _DATETIME_STR and _DATE_STR placeholders
  • Improved: default fonts are now bundled with the core plugin
  • Improved: Hardened security around CRM client portal account privileges
  • Improved: Hardened security against admin-side file uploading
  • Improved: Migration system now has multi-load-point potential.
  • Improved: cleaned up incorrect/broken learn links
  • Fixed: negative and zero-balance invoices now show tax subtotals when applicable
  • Fixed: Bug where core field conditions Status and Email didn’t translate well between Advanced Segments and core Segments.
  • Fixed: WooSync removing contact fields while syncing
  • Fixed: Empty index.html files are now being added to contacts folders to prevent directory listing
  • Fixed: Date and datetime picker issue in Segmentation
  • Fixed: Incorrect total value shown for contacts when invoices were deleted
  • Fixed: Added missing custom fields in WooCommerce’s My Account when using WooSync
  • Fixed: Segment editor bugs around some Advanced Segment conditions
  • Fixed: Properly delete associated aka (aliases) when deleting contact
  • Fixed: Security improvement to prevent XSS attacks escaping output HTML
  • Fixed: Reference error which was blocking custom date field editing.
  • Fixed: Bug where by some migrations were not finishing
  • Fixed: “Your tasks” link now properly filters to your tasks