Jetpack CRM Uses

As part of our Open and Transparent nature (and our drive to be compliant with data rules and regulations) we list below what “Jetpack CRM” use for our daily operations.  This means by using Jetpack CRM your data may flow through any of the services provided below.

We have listed, under each heading, what data each service may or may not use.


We use the following software for our businesses. This will collect various data as detailed below

  • WordPress – we run on WordPress, data is collect through comments, or account sign ups
  • Jetpack CRM – we run our CRM using Jetpack CRM we collect and analyse data on the following
    • Leads / Users of our product (Jetpack CRM)
    • Customers of our product
    • Transactions and which customer purchased which product
    • Sales Dashboard to see overviews of data, generically
  • ConvertKit
    • We currently use ConvertKit to provide email marketing services
  • Google Analysis
    • We track website usage using Google Analytics
  • Stripe
    • Our payment processor is Stripe. All card payments are handled through them
  • Zendesk
    • We use Zendesk to run our support helpdesk. All support emails are processed via Groove
  • We use Baremetrics and Profitwell
    • For tracking our sales data


We develop Jetpack CRM using various code editors and manage our code repositories using the following services

  • GitHub
    • We use GitHub for our code repositories.