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Jetpack CRM Update v1.5 – MASSIVE update

Wow, can you believe we are already up to version 1.5 already? We pushed the update to version 1.5 (from 1.2.6) out a couple of days ago. Version 1.5 is the pre-release for Version 2.0.

What’s a Pre-Release?

Good Question, Version 1.5 is effectively already what we’ll roll out as Version 2.0. It’s pre-release meaning it gives existing users a chance to try out the new features that is coming in Version 2.0 (officially launching on the 6th April).

Customer Portal

We’ve written a dedicated page for the Customer Portal and we’ll be covering how to activate this for your users in the documentation, the quick video walkthrough of the Customer / Client portal is below (it’s less than 2 minutes.. honest)

Invoicing Improvements

Having a customer / client portal means that we have been able to really enhance the display of invoices. We’ve included the Client Portal in the core for free because it’ll let us do some amazing things in future releases. It gives you a way to give your clients access to an area just for them. Have you ever had a client (or customer) contact you with questions like this:-

  • I’m doing my year end accounts, can you send me all the invoices you’ve sent me last year?
  • I’ve lost invoice [xyz] can you email it me again please for my records?

We did, I have. So we built the client portal with this start point in mind. Now you can just refer them to their /clients/dashboard/ and they’ll be able to see all the invoices you’ve issued them. Winner.  Check out the example below:-

Clicking into any of the Invoice Numbers will bring up that particular invoice (and the status of the invoice is driven by the status you have in the admin).

Invoicing Pro

Having the Client Portal has also enabled us to add a Pay Online functionality. See the Pay with PayPal button above? That’s activated when you have the Invoicing Pro enabled. It also does Stripe Checkout as well.

You can purchase the Invoicing Pro extension here.  Want to watch the walkthrough? Sure:-

CSV Importer Lite

Getting your data in through a CSV import is something that we debated a long time about whether it should be included, or not. The Simple CSV Importer extension is still available and gives you more control over the imports.

However, we’ve also added a free option. CSV Importer Lite (included from v1.5 onwards). This doesn’t do everything that the Simple CSV Importer extension does, but it does import from csv (but it doesn’t, for example, keep logs of your import history).

Date and Time Formats

Jetpack CRM was born in the UK. We’re two UK developers and as such, we built it with the DD/MM/YYYY date formats throughout. However, that doesn’t work for everyone (Hi, America)

But we love you guys, so now we’ve added support for the Date and Time formats (using the WordPress General Settings instead of a custom one).

What else is new?

This update post could turn into a mammoth update, but here’s some more key highlights from the update

  • You can now rename Lead, Customer, etc to whatever you like.
  • Improved Welcome Wizard to help with the setup
  • Language over-rides – you can now enter any string you like to replace the main labels.

Change Log – Version 1.5

This is absolutely massive this update, the big hitters have been highlighted above, but for those of you who like the detail. The full change log is below

[MAJOR] 1.5 (v2.0 Pre-release) 16/03/2017

Added: Customer Portal (Let Customers sign in, view invoices, and pay for them with Invoicing PRO)
Added: FREE CSV Importer (Lite Version of CSV Importer Extension)
Added: Date and Time format support (uses WordPress settings)
Added: Integrated throughout (Date and Time format's properly)
Added: Proper translation prep, throughout
Added: Initial translations: English (UK), English (US)
Added: WHLang Lib support (all useful labels overridable from Jetpack CRM admin settings)
Added: Integration prep for Invoicing PRO (PayPal Payments)
Added: Improved Invoice Builder (Adding Invoicing PRO)
Added: Customer ID's exposed on customer record
Added: Customisable Prefix and Status options for Customers/Contacts etc. (via Custom Fields tab of settings) - prep for a more simple UI post v1.4
Added: Better initial Prefix & Status options
Added: "Add invoice" (or quote or transaction) from customer record page
Fixed: Bug in main core lang integration
Fixed: Bug in wh lang lib
Fixed: Bug where "Data Tools" wasn't showing on slimline menu
Fixed: Bug where "Quotes" were showing up on slimline menu, even if disabled
Fixed: Bug where "Invoices" were showing up on slimline menu, even if disabled
Fixed: Bug where "Invoices" and "Quotes" were showing up on Jetpack Dash, even if disabled
Fixed: Bug where archived transaction dates were not saving down properly
Fixed: Bug in internal automator workflow for new quotes, invoices, transactions that was causing duplicate logs
Fixed: Bug in internal automator causing derails on some post edits
Fixed: Bug in client portal where styling wasn't looking great on some public themes
Fixed: Typo on settings page
Improved: Asked all browsers to kindly NOT autofill customer record details (and same for quotes, invoices, transactions, forms, and logs)
Improved: Moved Customer Metabox properly into translation functions (Quotes, Invoices, Transactions)
Improved: Hid Quotes/Invoices on Customer record when these modules disabled
Improved: Welcome Wizard improvements (ease of use)
Improved: Email Notification templating (in prep for Invoicing Pro notification emails)
Improved: CSV Importer PRO: Can now import & create company records from CSV
Improved: CSV Importer PRO: Example files now included
Improved: DAL for Contact/Company links (B2B)
Improved: PayPal Sync (Settings page rewrite)
NEW TRANSLATION: Spanish! You can now manage your customers etc. in Spanish (Thank you @HenryGR!)