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Jetpack CRM Update v1.2.6 – Gravity Forms Integration

A small update this week, ahead of our release of a new extension that you’ve all been begging asking us for. Gravity Forms!

Gravity Forms Integration

One of our very first extension requests (a few months back) was to integrate Gravity Forms into our little CRM plugin, and we’ve finally burned through the other critical bugfixes and had enough space to finish this. It feels good to deliver something that has been requested so much, as well as a few fixes.

We’ll formally release the Gravity Forms Extension tomorrow, but ahead of time we’re rolling out this update which lays the way for it, as well as improving the Extensions experience generally.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Gravity Forms Extension (Out Tomorrow):

  • Seamless integration with Gravity Forms (v2.1+)
  • Install both, and follow the help docs to easily collect customers from Gravity Forms forms
  • Super quick 1 minute install
  • Automatically integrated into Jetpack CRM, including External Source logging
  • Capable of capturing many fields:
    • Prefix
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Full Address (x 2!)
    • Three phone numbers (Main, Work, Mobile)
  • … and all you need to do is add the fields to your form, and 1 hidden field to tell Jetpack to add automatically 🙂

… and as usual we’re still working on it! Feedback is, as ever, appreciated, (though out of the box this is super powerful & time-saving).


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The other stuff in this update:

Two small fixes and an improved Extensions manager (installed Pro extensions now show up properly as installed, and provide you with help documentation links).


Version 1.2.6 of Zero-BS CRM Change Log

  • Added: Support for Gravity Forms Integration
  • Improved: Extensions manager now properly shows installed pro extensions and help docs
  • Fixed: Slimline menu now displays forms