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Jetpack CRM Update v1.2.5 – Awesome Free Quote Builder (and some critical bug fixes)

Here it is! We can finally share our awesome new quote builder. It’s a simple but hugely powerful feature, and we’re damn excited to share it. Also, fixes for everyone!

Quote Builder (Up your Proposal Game)

Writing quotes/proposals is fundamental to a lot of our businesses. If we can’t get the quotation out to a client, we can’t win the work. If we can’t win the work, it’s noodles for dinner.

So we wrote this for you (it’s free!):

This is just a quick GIF walkthrough, but I really recommend downloading Jetpack CRM and giving it a try if you haven’t already got it installed. In essence, this is super powerful, and built in by default. It lets you write quotes write in ZeroBS CRM, assign them to customers, and then publish them (with a unique, safe url), which can automatically get emailed to your client. They can even accept online!

Here’s the flow for our new Quote Builder:

  1. Click “Add New Quote”
  2. Assign it to a customer, give it a title, date, and a total value
  3. Choose a “template”, (or blank). Yes this even lets you make your own quote/proposal templates!
  4. Quote Builder will then auto-populate the quote with your template (replacing the key variables like Quote Title, Customer name etc. automatically)
  5. Publish the Quote & Email to Client
  6. Client can accept online, and you get notified via email!

Our early testers are really digging this, they can’t believe we’ve added this into the core for free.

… but we have. It’s all part of a re-factoring we’re doing to make Jetpack CRM literally the least-friction free CRM out there, ahead of our re-launch (coming soon). Life’s to short to focus only on the £ so it’s nice to be able to jam in some useful features, (that some of you are already using), and please you all.

Here’s a few more screenshots of the Jetpack Quote Builder in action:


The Proposal automatically outputs into your existing site, keeping your styling. Here’s an example with the TwentySixteen theme.

Your client can be emailed a link right to your proposal, check it out online, and accept right there and then!

… and when they do, you get a nice notification email:

Here’s a quick rundown of the awesome features of this proposal building app:

  • Powerful Quote Templating engine – add and manage your own templates
    • Each Template is a HTML entry, (like a WordPress post), that can use placeholders like “Client name” to pre-fill out common details (Saves you time!)
    • Comes with an example template (Web Design Proposal) to get you started
  • Useful notification emails:
    • Easily notify a client when their proposal is ready to view
    • Get notified when the client views it and “accepts”
  • Publish to your own front-end:
    • Display your proposals in the style & theme of your main web property
    • Hashing lets us secure the link so that just your client sees it
    • Uses neat permalinks like: yourdomain.com/proposals/123
  • Rigged into the powerful Jetpack CRM core – so all your quote data is stored against the customer forever, (easily pull up quotes or specifics against a customer in the database)

… and we’re still working on it! Feedback is, as ever, appreciated, (bearing in mind this is a HUGE freebie crammed into an already powerful free CRM :))

The other stuff in this update:

We’ve been working away over the Christmas break and into the new year, so there’s too many little fixes in this update to enumerate here. Just know we’re working for a better CRM for all!

Here’s the highlights for 1.2.5:

  • Quote Builder, obviously!
  • Quote Builder and Invoice Builder are now optional, you can switch them on/off via the Jetpack CRM Extensions manager.
  • Improved styles in several places
  • Fixed a common bug with filename case
  • Fixed a bug stopping the Welcome Wizard work, sorry guys!
  • Improved the core, even more, ahead of a new stable release (coming soon)



Version 1.2.5 Change Log

  • Added: Ability to enable/disable Quotes/Quote Builder
  • Added: Ability to enable/disable Invoices/Invoice Builder
  • Added: Ability to choose simple Quote Logger (instead of proposal writing via Quote Builder)
  • Added: Quote Templates
  • Added: Quote Template: Jetpack Default Template: Web Design Example
  • Added: Quote Builder Flow
  • Added: Quote Template Writer: Insert tool for placeholders
  • Added: Quote/Proposal Front-end
  • Added: Email Quote/Proposal to client
  • Added: Online accepting for Quotes/Proposals (sign with email)
  • Added: Notification email for quote author when accepted
  • Improved: Styles for Extensions Page
  • Improved: Variable names in Quotes metabox file
  • Improved: Building of Quote Templates
  • Fixed: All Jetpack custom post types are now secured from being shown in FE (Thanks for feedback)
  • Fixed: Bug in quotation customer associations
  • Fixed: Outdated config bloat
  • Fixed: lettering issue on some servers (uppercase/lowercase include file names)
  • Fixed: Bug in style enqueing
  • Fixed: Bug causing Welcome Wizard to not display