Jetpack CRM Update v1.1.7 – Second Address

Another day, another update for  Jetpack CRM. It’s a small number, but we’ve squashed in a few useful features, so I’m sharing them here.

(You can grab the latest version from the Jetpack CRM repository, always, just hit download in the top right.)

Second Address (against Customer)

A few early users have asked about this, and it’s been on our road-map since inception. We’ve added secondary addresses as an optional extra, you can turn them on or off with a toggle switch in the settings (Jetpack CRM -> Settings from the admin menu).

It’s early days for dealing with multiple addresses, and probably later we’ll add much more to this feature set. For now, though, this is a useful way to keep a “work” and “home” (or similar) address for your leads and customers in Jetpack CRM.

Other Features Added / Tweaks

As well as these two main features, we’ve also added a few more tweaks and odds to Jetpack CRM. Here’s a quick note on those:

  • Quote & Invoice Number Offsets – if you would like your quotes or invoices to start at a higher number (than 1), you can add an offset in the CRM settings that’ll let you kick these up. E.g. add 1000 and your first quote will be something like (1,001).
  • Invoice Number Pre-filling & Override – In the last version of Jetpack we didn’t have Invoice number pre-filling. We do now! And what’s more you can allow/disable the editing of this invoice number (by users) in the settings. This should make things much quicker as you invoice out.
  • Few little fixes & added Extensions page

Watch this space, we’re going to be adding & tweaking frequently, until we get the Jetpack CRM Core up to scratch. Thanks to everyone who’s already given feedback, you’re keeping this train rolling!