Jetpack CRM Update v1.1.19 – Field Sorting, Status Check, Global Address Formatting and MORE

We are back again with another kick ass update. This update makes custom fields that bit easier to manage and understand. The new addition is totally powerful.

Custom Fields + Field Sort

“Custom Fields” has been something which is often overlooked in the Jetpack CRM settings. Through using custom fields you can extend what data you store on your contacts or companies, as well as adding anything additional to the address fields, like shown below. Why is this useful?

You may want to add things like State (as shown below) you do this via the Custom Fields. Then you can order where it shows up in your customer record.

You may want to add a Custom Field to your ‘Contacts’ or ‘Customers’. You may want to add a type of customer (if you are a photography business for example, you may want to call this ‘Lead Type’ being ‘wedding photographs’, ‘portrait photograph’ etc.

Through this you can move the ordering of your fields, add new fields (via custom fields) and generally control this all a bit better for your needs.

Status Check

OK this one is a bit of a ‘boring’ update. It does however help you with knowing any potential causes to issues / the CRM ‘not working’ for you. If you have issues with the CRM and reach out for support – we might ask you to include this status page to help us figure out what might be going wrong.

Global Address Formatting

This is covered slightly above. Initially the CRM just had standard (UK based) address fields. This didn’t work for everyone. US folks wanted to add State for example. Now you can setup what your address formatting looks like. Whoop.

WooSync Update

The business to business (B2B mode) of the CRM lets you add Companies and manage your contacts at that Company. For an eCommerce store there’s the option for people to fill out their Company Name in the address options. This is now used to create a Company and assign the customer to that Company.

WooSync now automatically builds up that Company view (and you can see the contact count at the Company). This makes the CRM powerful in that you’ll be able to utilise this data to give you a company view of your Contacts (without having to search your full contact records for people at that Company).

We’ve also fixed an annoying JS bug that was stopping orders being imported past page 1.

Important: This WooSync update (v1.0.5) requires v1.1.19 of Jetpack CRM to work correctly. Please make sure you’ve updated your version of the CRM core before installing the new update of WooSync. 

There’s more to come with Companies and being able to search / filter and then contact all those people at Companies, but this is a big step in the right direction.

Bug fixes and Performance improvements

We’ve squished a number of bugs and improved the code layout / CSS loading so the CRM will run faster for you and with less road bumps. If you’ve spotted a bug please let us know about it by visiting the contact us page.