Jetpack CRM Update v1.1.18 – Extensions Hub, PDF Invoicing, Part Payments and MORE

Hey, guess what! BOOM. Another update for ZeroBS CRM. This ones been a few weeks coming, but it’s worth the wait. PDF Invoicing, Typeahead customer lists, a fancy new Extensions Hub, Lead Source logging, and much, much more! If you’re new to Jetpack this might seem like a big chunk of changes, and you’d be right! Lots of improvements, and just one of about 4 sprints we’ve already got lined up. Watch this space, JetpackCRM is becoming truly useful!

(To download the latest version from the ZeroBS CRM repository just hit download in the top right of this page, or update from your WordPress dashboard.)

Extensions Hub

We’re happy to unveil our new Extensions hub. This simple page sits in your WordPress admin menu and will let you add/remove major features in Jetpack CRM with the click of a button. Need PDF Invoicing? Sure, just enable it. Don’t want to use Front-end Forms? No worries, just flick the switch and that feature set will disappear. It’s magic, and as we supercharge Jetpack, it’ll really give you control over your CRM, letting you tailor it to your exact needs, with one or two easy clicks!

At version 1.1.18 (this update), we’ve included the following extensions:

(Note, the awesomeness of this is that if you deactivate a specific extension, it’ll simply remove that from your CRM, speeding + cleaning up your setup. But then, our code is clean + lean, so you won’t notice the microsecond differences!)

We’ll be adding more awesome extensions soon, so watch this space (Gravity Forms, you say? ;))



PDF Invoicing

As if our invoicing setup wasn’t already useful enough, we’ve fixed a few bugs in it and also rolled out PDF Invoicing with v1.1.18. This was by far the most requested feature from our first 100 users, and we’re pleased to deliver it. We’re using a snazzy new PDF library to build your invoices, and you can even email them direct from Jetpack CRM with a single click, as attachments.

Note: In order to use PDF Invoicing you’ll need to go to the Extensions Hub and enable it (this is because the PDF Library is a few more mb in file size, so we’ve pushed it to an extension install.) It’s a single click though, and then you’re good to go! You can do this from your WordPress Admin menu, under “Extensions” under Jetpack CRM.

Benefits of PDF Invoicing with Jetpack CRM:

  1. Branding included
  2. Solid, printable file – a PDF is the best practice way to store financial documents
  3. Invoices can be generated & attached to an email automatically, 1 click send to customers
  4. Invoices can have now have part-payments via transactions! (see below)




Transactions – Part Payments and More

Transactions was first added to accommodate the eCommerce users amongst you. It’s since grown into a useful module of Jetpack CRM. This update adds manual editing to transactions, along with assigning them to a customer/and invoice. This allocation feature is hugely powerful for managing large invoices which require part payment, and will in time fully integrate with PayPal, WooCommerce and other platforms for a solid invoicing solution which more than delivers on our promise to KEEP IT SIMPLE 🙂


Web Form Sources – Where are your leads coming from?

The last main feature announcement today is useful for all of you who are already using our Front-end forms.

Forms now log the page they were filled in from, the form style and all details into a log against a customer. This is super powerful as it lets you see where each customer first enters your Jetpack CRM, (so you can more fully target them). This helps complete the “customer story” for each person who becomes a long term customer, (which is very useful data to collect in the long term!) What’s more, this logs entries of forms for existing customers too – so you can add to that customer story as you have more interactions with your customer base!


And that’s not all!

That’s just the half of it 🙂 This is a few weeks worth of sprint, so there’s a solid chunk of development in v1.1.18. Here’s the full list of changes, but to be honest, it’s best if you just download our WordPress CRM, install this up to date version (it’s on here), and try it out! As ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts & feedback!

  • Added: PDF Invoicing!
  • Added: Extensions Hub
  • Added: Invoice – Transaction allocations (Part Payments!)
  • Added: Typeahead customer search
  • Added: Typeahead customer listings to quote editing
  • Added: Transactions now editable via admin menu (manual add)
  • Added: logging of form source, (e.g. “New Lead created from submitted form ‘A’ on page ‘B'”)
  • Added: logging of forms post creation, (e.g.”User filled out form ‘A’ on an external embedded form”)
  • Added: Custom “moved to trash” pages for customers, quotes, invoices and transactions
  • Added: default customer status for imports, lead form completions etc. of “Lead”
  • Added: “Form Filled” type note
  • Added: View customer image in new tab function (& restyled)
  • Added: Bloodhound.js – the start of integrated search
  • Added: several more wrapper functions for getting customer data sets
  • Added: JVZoo external customer type
  • Added: Enable/Disable Powered by link on front end forms
  • Added: Typeahead customer search to transactions
  • Added: Precursors for internal autormator to fire on transaction changes
  • Improved: Forms can now be enabled/disabled (via Extensions Hub)
  • Improved: Custom Fields can now be enabled/disabled (via Extensions Hub)
  • Improved: PDF Invoicing is an optional extra (via Extensions Hub) – keeps Jetpack lean for everyone else
  • Improved: PDF invoices restyled first fix
  • Improved: Notes are no longer used for storing customer lead form data, this now gets added as a log
  • Improved: Notes created by Jetpack CRM system are not editable
  • Improved: Logs metabox is now responsive, (looks cleaner in right hand bar on customer edit)
  • Improved: Internal Automator (prep for sophisticated workflow creation)
  • Improved: Rearranged Jetpack Menu to better highlight extensions
  • Improved: Non-essential extensions, (like PDF invoicing), are now installed via 1-click extension hub
  • Improved: PDF Invoicing cleans up after itself
  • Improved: Removed Post Titles from Transactions
  • Fixed: Logs now display proper timezone-based creation times, taking into account WordPress timezones
  • Fixed: Worked through all WH Later Refinement points & fixed/delayed
  • Fixed: Edit transactions fixed
  • Fixed: PHP Version warning reinstated
  • Fixed: bug where % and $ would not store (invoicing)
  • Fixed: bug where business information would display on one line (invoicing)
  • Fixed: styling bug in all transactions screen
  • Fixed: bug where total customer value would include allocated transactions as well as invoice
  • Removed: Customer Image repetition (showed up twice on page)


Stick around, our next update is even MORE killer!