Jetpack CRM Update v1.1.17 – Lead Generation Forms, Bulk Tools and Export Tools

We are back again. With another huge update bringing in some highly sought after features. The biggest of the bunch being a way to generate new leads in for your CRM with our amazingly simple and no BS lead generation forms

(To download the latest version from the Jetpack CRM repository just hit download in the top right of this page, or update in WordPress.)

Lead Generation Forms

A lot of you have asked for a way to capture leads into your CRM to then manage into customers. We told you you’d have to wait. Well that wait is now over. Our first fix of front end lead generation forms is here. And my god. They’re so pretty (or at least I think so, they’re my baby after all – Mike)..


The Jetpack Lead Generation Forms is a great way to start getting would be customers into your CRM. Why have we built this and included it in the core for free?

  • It’s a super-useful way to start getting data into your CRM for prospects.
  • It’s the lifeblood of any business – you need leads to start selling
  • Forms are an easy way for people to contact you and leave you their details to follow up

So the Jetpack forms is now here. Start using them. Start putting them onto your site. Create a new lead capture form just like you would a normal WP post. Choose a style and embed using either the shortcode or the iframe embed (if wanting to place the form elsewhere).

Track conversions and views of your forms

Each form keeps track of how many times it has been viewed and how many lead captures it has made (conversions) you can see the conversion % on the manage form page and you’ll know exactly where the customer contact has been created from with the handy customer automatic logging tool (which we introduced in v1.1.16).


Captcha enabled options for the forms

You can choose whether or now you want to have captcha included on your forms (for that added SPAM protection).


With the combination of Lead generation forms and our powerful CRM solution you can manage your business to success. Follow up with new leads daily and track them towards being a customer using the information and knowledge of how they’ve found you (which form they used to sign up). That’s the definition of a CRM.

Did they sign up from your ‘Contact Us’ page or did they sign up from your ‘Freelance services page’ or ‘Wedding venue hire’ page (with form created for those pages and embedded)

Export your data

Your data is your data. While we want you to get data IN to the CRM so you can start making the most of the customer story that’s built up (and sell better to your customers and leads) there’s plenty of reasons why you may want to export the data from your CRM you may want to:

  • Export your data to import into your mailchimp or other email software (if you’re not using our Mail Campaigns extension)
  • You may feel comfortable working with spreadsheets and want to analyse your data / make projections
  • It may be how you like to be able to backup your data (and then re-import via our CSV importer) if for whatever reason you need to

So the latest update lets you export to CSV your customers, quotes and invoices.

Bulk data tools

You’ve been using the CRM and testing by importing customers, but now you’re ready to go and use it for real. But wait. You have a shed load of test data in there. You can now bulk remove your customers.  CAUTION: only do this if you want to delete for good. There’s no way to get them back.


Extension update: CSV importer

We’ve also updated the CSV importer to fix some issues where imports failed if the ‘status’ field was left blank. When using the CSV importing tool make sure that all the key fields are populated (even if it means setting them all to “Lead”). That way you shouldn’t come across issues when trying to import your data into the CRM.