Jetpack CRM Update v1.1.16 – Itemised Invoicing & Auto-logging

Here we go! A big release today, we’ve got a fancy new invoicing system which lets you build itemised invoices and even email them out! We’ve also got several security fixes, improvements and another new feature: Auto-logging! (The beginning of our CRM Workflow plans)

(To download the latest version from the Jetpack CRM repository just hit download in the top right of this page, or update in WordPress.)

Itemised Invoicing

Our first fix of Invoicing is finished! Grab this version and invoice like crazy! We’re happy to say that the most requested feature by far is now in place, (though it’s still our first version, so expect many more improvements to come to invoicing). You can create itemised invoices, log them against customers, (or companies in B2B mode), and email them out (if you wish!)

This will be a powerful system for freelancers, small business, and anyone (like, for example, photographers!) that need to invoice regularly.

We first thought this’d end up as an CRM extension, but in the end we squeezed it into the (free) core, because we think this is an essential, and solves a common pain for all of us who do business online.

There’s loads packed into our invoicing addition, but for now, here’s a quick summary and some screenshots!

  • Create itemised Invoices
  • Save them against customers in your CRM
  • Add due dates, company info, and choose your recipient email
  • Email a preview of an invoice to yourself
  • Email the invoice (including logo) to your client
  • Manage the status of the invoice
  • More to come! (Online payments via PayPal, Stripe, and more)





Auto-Logging & CRM WorkFlow

We’re working hard on the ease-of-use of JetpackCRM. One thing we’ve spotted, from using this like crazy across our businesses, is that there’s always an edge which can be automated. Sometimes, it costs a fortune to automate that specific task. Sometimes, it’s a small click and confirm, something little like an email forward or a copy paste. With this in mind, we’ve started building in a smart workflow organiser, that’ll make Jetpack even cleaner to use, (and smarter). This won’t get exposed to users as of yet, but behind the scenes it’s making things like “auto-logging” a breeze to program in. So this week, we’ve added the core workflow stuff, and auto-logging.

Auto-logging is our answer to an audit trail. It’s optional (you can turn each element on and off in a granular way via settings), and it’s automatic. This tool will automatically add a note to a customer when they’re created, when an invoice or quote is added to them, etc. We’ll be adding many more “auto-logging” options as we build them in. We think this’ll be a neat way to build out a customer story, and it’s going to take a chunk of work off of your lap!

v1.1.16 Changelog: Jetpack Customer Relationship Manager for WordPress

  • Added: Itemised Invoice Creator (Create + Send Invoices!)
  • Added: First Fix Internal Automator
  • Added: Automatic Logging of: New Customer
  • Added: Automatic Logging of: New Company
  • Added: Automatic Logging of: New Quote
  • Added: Automatic Logging of: New Invoice
  • Improved: Security: Added proper nonce’s throughout
  • Fixed: Bug in Invoice list which showed invoice numbers incorrectly
  • Fixed: Bug in Customer Editor which showed invoice numbers incorrectly

Thanks for checking out this update! Keep watching Jetpack CRM, because we’re not slowing down 😉