Jetpack CRM Update v1.1.10 – B2B (Companies and Contacts) and Optimisations

Today we’ve just rolled out some new features we’ve been cooking, as well as some bug fixes and optimisations for our little CRM. Here’s the low-down on v1.1.10…

(You can grab the latest version from the Jetpack CRM repository, always, just hit download in the top right of this page.)

B2B CRM (Managing Company Relations)

More users asked for this than we thought, so we’ve pushed it up the priority list. You can now manage “companies” (or organisations) as clients, with contacts grouped under them. This is ideal if you’re selling to a big company and have multiple contact touch-points in the organisation. If you’re small biz, don’t worry, this is optional. By default it’s turned off, but you can turn this on by hitting “B2B Mode” in the settings (ZeroBS CRM -> Settings from the admin menu).

The good news is that Companies already have some useful extras, right out of the box. You can manage companies and add:

  • Company Contact Details
  • Company Lead/Customer status
  • Company Contacts (and their details)
  • Tag Companies
  • Custom Fields
  • Company branding/logo

But as with a lot of Jetpack, it’s early days. We’re testing the waters with this B2B feature set, so let’s see how you guys use it. (It’s solid, but do feedback via the in-plugin menu item ‘feedback’, it really helps!) We’re yet to integrate this into invoices, but that’s coming soon!



Fixes, Optimisations

As well as these useful new features, we’ve also fixed a few little bugs and jammed in a few optimisations.

  • Added: Before you go
  • Improved: Company updated msgs
  • Optimised: Settings page
  • Removed some legacy v1.0 includes code
  • Fixed: Plural customers, contacts, companies, organisations
  • Fixed bug: In settings initialisation
  • Fixed bug: In require metabox include
  • Fixed bug: Manage Quotes, Invoices would show “,” where customer address empty
  • Fixed bug: Icon dimensions

Thanks for checking this update log! Keep watching Jetpack CRM, because we’re going to keep improving it, (and it’s FREE!)