Jetpack CRM Product Update #35 – Feb 2021

These product update posts collect everything new and updated in Jetpack CRM each month. This post covers updates up to version 4.0.13 (Feb 2021).

Here’s what we’ve been working on in February. This is the full change log grouped by what CRM features we’ve added, improved or fixed to the core Jetpack CRM WordPress plugin.

What we’ve fixed

  • Added date column in the contact list is using UTC time.
  • Added a link to the contact ID column in the contact list.
  • WooCommerce conflict importing CSV file with products.
  • Fixed an overflow in custom fields that use a textarea as type.
  • Fixed a collision between the slugs of Jetpack and Jetpack CRM extensions.
  • The dashboard contacts card, when it’s empty, didn’t look right
  • The setting API menu is visible after activating the API core extension.

What we’ve improved

  • You can now manually input discounts and fees against transactions.
  • We have moved the EUR symbol to the top of the currencies selector so easier to select.

We’ve also improved our Invoicing Pro extension to support more currencies as well as our Contact Form 7 for the situations where an existing contact might re-submit through the form.