Jetpack CRM Product Update #34 – Jan 2021

These product update posts collect everything new and updated in Jetpack CRM each month. This post covers updates up to version 4.0.11 (January 2021).

Here’s what we’ve been working on in January:

Jetpack CRM Changelog:

This is the full change log this month grouped by what CRM features we’ve added, improved or fixed to the core Jetpack CRM WordPress plugin.

 What we’ve improved 

  1. Readme (.org description) improvements for readability, added more FAQs.
  2. Settings now casted better, will overcome core extension loading issues for a handful of users on strict php installs.
  3. Made menu adjustments for users using Jetpack and Jetpack CRM on the same install, for easier navigation.

 What we’ve fixed 

  1. Company activity log now shows the right time regardless of WP installation timezone.
  2. In some cases Invoice ID was lost when updating.
  3. Custom label for invoice ID now properly used throughout.
  4. Apostrophes in company and contact names now display properly throughout.
  5. Started work on PHP 8 support (fixed deprecation notices).