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Jetpack CRM Product Update #31 – Oct 2020

This Product Update covers what’s new in the CRM up to and including the 31st October 2020. Find out what we’ve been working on this month.

Here’s what we’ve been working on in October.

Jetpack CRM core

We’ve been focussing on fixing the bug reports which have built up over time and have been making solid progress in the core squashing 🐛s. This will pave the way to us moving onto more enhancements to the CRM as we head towards 2021.

Jetpack CRM Changelog:

This is the full change log this month grouped by what we’ve added, improved or fixed.

🎁 What’s new 🎁

  1. Exporting objects owners now also exports owner username
  2. Core Extensions List updated with latest extensions

😊 What we’ve improved 😊

  1. Task scheduler now shows owner avatars
  2. Contact List view can now be sorted by Total value as well as Quotes, Invoices, and Transactions total values
  3. Form submission logs
  4. Addressed stray PHP notices
  5. Tweaked extensions detail page
  6. Updated error messaging
  7. Beginning of internal refactor of the API
  8. Better mapping of older extension names into extension system

🐛 What we’ve fixed 🐛

  1. Issue related to contact and company bulk action deletion
  2. Old brand reference on CSV importer page
  3. New Company placeholder more specific to a real business
  4. Multi-value custom fields in client portal
  5. JPCRM roles for contacts explicitly deny WP role capabilities when activated
  6. A user role still referenced the old brand
  7. Create new invoices without selecting a due date was showing up as Invalid Date
  8. Extension documentation links
  9. In the single contact view, the Invoices Total and Quotes Total now show their correct values
  10. Country field properly shows on contacts/companies
  11. Disabled modules show in the sidebar for CRM-only and Full layouts
  12. Duplicated tag with international characters when they are added to a contact
  13. Style issue with Second Address block in the Client Portal
  14. Invoice line items now able to be added to invoices (req invoicing pro v2.7.1)
  15. Text area custom field doesn’t show new lines in view mode
  16. Remove Advanced Search (can search from list view mode since v3.0)
  17. JPCRM can not be installed if the API Connector plugin is already installed.
  18. Style issue mapping the fields in the CSV Importer section
  19. Deleted segment incorrectly shows as filter contact list view
  20. On export the contact or the transaction list, in the CSV file the owner ID was blank
  21. Wrong menu link showing task tags in CRM only mode
  22. Forms now track visits and conversions properly

Jetpack CRM extensions

The main CRM extension to talk about has been our Invoicing Pro extension where we’ve brought back the ability to add WooCommerce Product and Invoice Items to be quickly added to Invoices.

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