How we generated $3.5k from a FREE exit intent form integration

In this post I wanted to write about why you should choose Jetpack CRM for converting people who are leaving your website (exit intent) into customers of your product and how we have done it here at Jetpack CRM to power up our businessĀ šŸš€

When we first started we were not using anything to capture visitors who landed on our website and then left, they would just leave and (perhaps) never come back. This is bad for business since it’s a lost opportunity. We wanted to make sure we captured information from people who were about to leave.

Setting up Exit Bee.

We searched around for a solution to capture abandoning visitors. This is called “exit intent” technology. So the visitor is on your website but has the intent to leave, and you want to give them a reason to (at least) give you their email on the way out and stop them leaving without giving you anything at all – like we had previously.

There’s lots and lots of solutions out there but we wanted one which was lightweight, andĀ free to use, so we could capture leads and not worry about paying out $20 per month or more for *just* the exit intent functionality of our business.

We foundĀ Exit Bee which is free for the first lead capture form that you use, and to be honest, we only needed one. You may want to setup lots of different forms but we’ve found a single form is less management time, and effective too.

Setting up with Exit Bee is super easy to do, sign up, and create the form in a matter of minutes.

What we wanted was somethingĀ no BS, something that wasĀ easy to setup and not too many different options or variants popping up allover the place. We wanted to keep itĀ SIMPLE. Which is our guiding principle here at Jetpack CRM.

Exit Bee on your site.

Once it’s setup, then you add a little bit of javascript to your website and exit bee does the rest. When someone goes to leave, they’re presented with the form to capture their details before they go. Here’s how it looks on the site

It runs without any effort after the initial setup and displays to visitors who have the intent to leave and attempts to capture their data (sure, some may say “no thanks” and that’s fine) but it’s giving the option to people and capturing data for some of the people we show the form to who otherwise would have just left.

What the Analytics shows

Once your exit intent form has been up and running, you’ll be able to see nifty stats about how effective it is being.

Taking a look at the above, and summarising the numbers, our exit intent form has been

  • Shown to around 3,000 visitors a month (i.e. those who look like they’re leaving)
  • Converts around 30 people into the CRM each month (around 260 total into the CRM)
  • Of which we then go ahead and turn around 5% of those into customers (around 18 customers total)
  • This is repeatable, and runs without us needing to manage it.

Sure, this could be better, everything can be improved, tweaked and optimised – but what we are highlighting here is without this, we would haveĀ 0. No extra customers. Having this in place has led to aroundĀ $3.5k in additional revenue for us, which is great (or at least we think so šŸ˜Š). You may do much better than us, and we encourage you to give it a try.

If you’re not capturing your exiting visitors and converting them into customers with Jetpack CRM then you’re leaving money on the table

It’s easy, and with Jetpack CRM you can have it setup and running in no time.Ā  You’ll need our premium extensions (we recommend the Exit Bee connect and Mail Campaigns v2.0+ at the minimum) to make the most of this setup.

Putting everything in place with Jetpack CRM

Here’s where the power of Jetpack CRM comes in, with our ExitBee Connect extension you can automatically add the leads into your CRM, simply by adding a webhook to your Exit Bee setup. To do this you go to the following page in Exit Bee

Then choose theĀ webhooks option and enter your CRM link with the following variable on the end ?Jetpack_listener=exitbee so something like

Then when people fill in the form, they’ll automatically be added to your CRM with the tagĀ exitbee. This now becomes very powerful. You have your leads coming into Jetpack CRM with a tag, and you can do things on the back of this information.

The most powerful is the Mail Campaigns extension which willĀ automatically start marketing to the people who have filled in the exit intent form.

What do we send to our exiters?

This is equally as important as the initial capture of the lead (and we’ll share this in more detail in another post) but we do roughly the following email sequence

  • We introduce ourselves, why we built Jetpack CRM and what it is (a CRM, running on WordPress)
  • Then we give a bit more information about how to get up and running quickly
  • Then, we will also let people know about any webinars we are running and highlight certain features
  • Finally, we’ll talk about the extensions and why you may want to take advantage and get on board.

There’s quicker routes, and also slower routes to the final conversion step, and it’s up to you to design your campaign effectively but with Jetpack CRM you can do it all from one place and see the impact there and then. Once you find what’s working you can continue to do more of it and keep brining in more visitors, more conversions to the CRM (with tag exitbee) and more and more customers for your business.

The results, $3.5k additional revenue, 5% conversion rate.

All from putting in place a simple setup to capture the leavers and an email sequence in place to educate the visitors about the CRM and how they can use it for their own business.

We haven’t done anything additional here, we’ve not been sending paid traffic to the site – everything is organic, and natural traffic. If we sent additional traffic these results could be scaled (although it varies on the quality of your traffic but that’s a different article in and of itself).

We are alsoĀ NO BS,Ā sure, we could have flung $250k in paid traffic and wrote about “How our setup, brought in $350k”.Ā  We don’t do tactics like this. The setup described above was all from only using Jetpack CRM and a couple of extensions (no other hidden costs) alongside the free exit intent solution (exit bee).

How do I do this myself?

If you don’t have this in place for your business we recommend that you look into doing this now. It’s super easy to setup and run all from your WordPress install using Jetpack CRM and a couple of our powerful extensions.

It’s super easy, you just need 3Ā (or 4) things on top of your exit bee setup and you can have this up and running for your site in no time at all

  • Jetpack CRM Core (the free WordPress CRM)
  • Exit Bee Connect (to send and tag your exit intent leads, automatically)
  • Mail Campaigns v2.0+ to automate your email campaigns
  • and …something to sell to your visitors (this is the 4th thing)

You can pick up the Exit Bee Connect extension hereĀ and start increasing the number of leads that hit your CRM. If you also want to use the Mail Campaigns you can purchase this here, but if you’re grabbing both it might make sense to pick up one of our popular bundles instead.

That’s everything I wanted to cover in this post. We’ll be writing more about some of the tools we use with Jetpack CRM (and how you can use them too) on the blog so make sure to keep up to dateĀ with us and we’ll keep sharing our insights with you.

Happy CRM’ing and happyĀ selling to your leads.