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How to: Integrate Jetpack CRM with the KnowAll Theme

So you’re setting up your business (or are already in business) and you’ve been using Jetpack CRM (if you’re not using it yet, follow that link and read what people have been saying).

One thing you may be missing in your business is a Knowledge Base, using Jetpack CRM in combination with a knowledge base is simple, easy and everyone should be doing it.

In this post we look at how to integrate Jetpack CRM with a knowledge base using the KnowAll Theme from HeroThemes (it’s a pretty nifty theme – we use it for our own knowledge base here).

What’s a knowledge base?

First up, let’s cover the basics. If you run a business, whether it be freelance or an online store or even a bricks and mortar type business (service based, shop etc), you’ll get questions coming in from customers or potential customers (leads).

Without a knowledge base you’ll find yourself answering the same question over and over. When you have a knowledge base you’ll quickly find out that customers are helping themselves by reading through your knowledge base before contacting you (and encroaching on your time).

Why the KnowAll Theme

The KnowAll Theme is a premium WordPress Theme from HeroThemes. It’s the best theme that they’ve got and it’s the theme we use on our own Knowledge base. The main benefits to using the KnowAll Theme (that we’ve found) are

  • The Analytics are awesome, seeing what people search for, and where they were before they hit ‘open a ticket’ is great
  • Being able to order the articles inside each category and also order the categories inside their parent is great
  • It’s super easy to setup and get started

Integrating Jetpack CRM with the KnowAll Theme

That’s what first brought us to look at the Theme. We wanted to offer compatibility for Jetpack CRM with a Knowledge base theme. The KnowAll Theme is the perfect theme to use alongside your Jetpack CRM (and to get it working like we have, it just needs a couple of other things)

Step 1 – Install Jetpack CRM and Install the KnowAll Theme

Set them up, install the demo content. Once you have your CRM active on the back end of WordPress and KnowAll running on the front end. You’re ready to move onto step 2 (how to setup Jetpack CRM is covered here)

https://jetpackcrm.com/kb/article-categories/getting-started/Step 2 – Use the Contact Form 7 plugin on your ‘Submit a Ticket’ page

Here’s where things get juicy. Having your knowledge base setup and self-helping your customers is great, but, even the best knowledge base in the world will still get customers clicking ‘submit a ticket’.  So on that page we setup the Contact Form 7 plugin and set it up so that it is ready to collect customers into Jetpack CRM.

Here’s how our submit a ticket page looks (it’s just a simple Contact 7 form)

Step 4 – Install and Activate the Jetpack CRM Contact Form 7 extension

This extension opens up the link between Contact Form 7 and your CRM. Once this is setup, anyone who fills in your submit a ticket page will added to your Jetpack CRM as a Lead. The CRM will also log what they sent, and when they sent it.

This is great in helping you see who is saying what from your contact form, and it sits right there in your knowledge base for when you reply to that customer (or customer to be).

Why have Zero BS and KnowAll integrated?

Having Jetpack CRM sit behind your knowledge base is great for a number of reasons. It benefits you because having them integrated lets you:-

  • Keep a list of Leads who have contacted you from your knowledge base
  • See the history of what each contact has sent you (rather than having to search your emails)
  • When used in conjunction with transactions, see the value of each customer who you’re helping
    • (or, if someone is contacting you a LOT but just not buying, then identify these people)
  • Use the power of the wider Jetpack CRM extensions to email certain customers, see sales progress and much much more through the use of the powerful extensions

Are you using Jetpack CRM and KnowAll?

Reach out to us and let us know. We are constantly looking for Case Studies to share on our blog. Your story will help any future readers and users of our CRM.

Where can I purchase the KnowAll Theme?

That’s an easy one. you can purchase the KnowAll Theme from Hero Themes by clicking here.