Connect Jetpack CRM with 1000’s of apps

Zapier is a middle man service which connects APIs and lets you power up your CRM with additional services

Easy Setup

Zapier connects our API to other APIs and saves you needing to code an integration yourself.


Create ZAPs which fire when new contacts, new transactions, new invoices are added to your CRM.


Do things you wouldn’t normally do. Add all new contacts to a Google Sheet, tweet out about new additions, and more.

Jetpack CRM and Zapier.

If you cannot find the extension integration you are looking for, then using Jetpack CRM and Zapier may give you just what you need. Connect Jetpack CRM to thousands of others apps and services.

Set up Zaps easily

Configure your Zapier to be able to fire on new contact additions, or create new contacts on the back of other events. A perfect solution if you want to run additional tasks to and from your CRM when things happen.

If you have a Zapier you are using which we do not offer an integration for, let us know about it, we may be able to develop a built in solution which would save you space (and cost) in your Zapier account.

New Contact Trigger
New Transaction Trigger
Plus much more

We also have our very own Automations extension which lets you automate inner CRM events such as sending admin an email or an SMS when a new contact is added. Included in our bundles 🙂