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Use Jetpack CRM alongside your WordPress setup, or Standalone

By default Jetpack CRM installs with a ‘slimline’ menu, but it’s just two clicks to override the whole of your WordPress installation (for CRM users only, optionally), to look simply like a CRM!


Choose whether you want your CRM users to see WordPress areas or not


You can (optionally) make your WordPress install a Stand-alone Self-hosted CRM


From Login screen to everyday contact management, you can have Jetpack CRM match your brand

Full-featured Custom Branded CRM in minutes…

Because we’re WordPress powered you can have your own branded CRM up and running in minutes, with just a few setting clicks!

What are the rebrand/override options?

Here’s a list of the basic rebranding options. As well as these built-in CRM customisation options (all available from the settings page), we also provide a rebranding service for bundle owners who want to rebrand everything. Read more about Rebrandr here.

CRM Menu type setting
Full / Slimline / CRM Only WordPress Menus
Custom Logo & CRM Name (Branding)
Override WordPress (hide WordPress menus etc.)
Override WordPress for all users
Disable Front-end with 1 click

Easy Override Settings

It’s quick and easy to try these different settings for overriding, rebranding and adjusting the look and feel of your CRM. Simply click “Jetpack CRM -> Settings” and the settings are in the section “Override WordPress”.

Quick on/off settings
Easily upload your own logo
Fully supported White-label CRM