See how your Business is performing

Record all your transactions against your contacts. See who is the most valuable. Segment based on transaction value and see growth over time.


Entrepreneurs and non-profits cannot deny it, without money in we’d all be sunk. Managing your relationships with contacts through a CRM is a huge part of securing the future flow of revenue. With Jetpack CRM, transactions are stored against each customer, which allows deep analytics dashboards like Sales Dashboard and smart Dynamic Segments.



What is business without revenue? or Non-profits without donations?



Information in accounting software is great, but you need it in your CRM



Sell sell sell! Yes, but savvy entrepreneurs know that good sales start with people & relationships


Track a range of Transactions

Easily add, edit, or allocate transactions

Whether it’s revenue or refunds, digital sales or freelance consultancy deposits. Jetpack CRM has transactions covered. When someone pays you through the Client Portal – yep that’ll automatically add a transaction. Part Payment on an invoice? Sure, assign it, that’ll show up on the invoice.

You can add or edit transactions from within Jetpack CRM very easily, or leave that up to one of our transaction-syncing Sync Extensions
(PayPal, Stripe, Envato, WorldPay, WooCommerce)

Easy access to transaction data against contact or customer

Contact-focused Transaction Database

Each transaction can be assigned to a contact or a company. You can then see easily at-a-glance where you’re at with each customer or client.

At-a-glance financials for each customer
See which 20% of customers = 80% revenues
Identify your ‘whales’ or VIP Clients
Custom Fields & Statuses for Transactions

Transactions View

Easily view transactions using the Jetpack CRM view model. Search through transactions via assigned customers, references, notes etc.

Easy to manage transactions list
Multi-select & intuitive design
Easily jump to customers from transactions

Use Quickfilters to fast-jump to segments of transactions

Transaction Quickfilters

Using the sidebar quickfilters you can jump to different groups of transactions quickly (e.g. see only succeeded transactions with that status).

Full transaction tagging system – split up groups of transactions for easy access via tags.

Fully Customisable Quickfilters
Filter by search, tag, status
Easily segment Transactions

Bleeding-edge Analytics

As well as seeing transactions against each contact or company, Transactions forms the backbone of a variety of analytics options. You can get start-up/SaaS/eCommerce metrics with Sales Dashboard, see your revenues at a glance with the CRM Dashboard. You can use transactions amounts to create segments or send emails out to customers.


Do you use PayPal, WooCommerce, or Stripe? Our suite of Sync extensions automatically import all transactions (and customers) from these platforms, as well as others. This makes it truly “Set and forget”!

Automatic Transaction Import:
PayPal, Stripe, Envato, WorldPay, WooCommerce & more (on request)

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