Grow your business faster in a team

As Entrepreneur’s it is tempting to do everything yourself. When starting out you may have to, but once you get ready to expand Jetpack CRM has you covered.


You can add as many team members to your CRM as you like, no limits or increase in cost per team member.


We have Jetpack CRM specific user roles and permissions which let you control what your team can do in the CRM


You can choose whether to allow for assignment of contacts to team members. This stops others editing your contact.

Assignment options…

Assignment of contacts is where you can make sure your CRM team are responsible for managing a certain contact. This then stops other users from editing the contact (adding notes, etc). The ownership assigned to any contact can be changed to other team members if the management of the contact needs changing (perhaps to a team manager)

Setup your CRM to support contact assignment and ownership

Assign contacts to a CRM member

Easy Contact Assignment

From your contact edit screen it’s really easy to assign a contact to a CRM team member

Assign contact to a CRM team member
Let CRM team members re-assign contacts

Automate your Lead distribution

When used with Automations, assignment becomes much more powerful

Assign contacts based on conditions
Choose a specific contact
Distribute on a round robin basis