Tag to your heart’s desire

When your contact list is large, tags can really help you target your communication. Send an email to everyone who bought Product A – tag them and target that tag.


Some tools need to be simple. Sometimes simple actually pays off better than complex. Tags are a genius invention which fit within this category. Gone are the days of ‘looking things up’ – savvy entrepreneurs now put in a little more effort at the beginning (tiny effort) to tag contacts or transactions, then save loads of time later!



Tagging shouldn’t take long. Quickly type or click a tag to add it to a Contact



Quickly view tagged contacts in a list with just 1 click



Send out targeted mail campaigns, pass a list on to your PA, with Tags used throughout the workflow options are unlimited!


Tag All of the Things!

Tags are not just for contacts, in Jetpack CRM you can tag many of the ‘objects’ in the CRM. This means flexible management of almost all of your data-points, which supercharges workflows and makes sub-grouping quick and easy.

Easily add or remove tags from contacts in Jetpack CRM

Easy-to-do Tagging

Easily add or remove tags from your CRM objects – it’s a quick click or type and your contact, or other crm item is tagged!

Tags in the CRM

As well as using your Tags to select a group of contacts, there are many ways you can use Tagged groups throughout the CRM. For example Segments and Mail Campaigns can use tags to select an audience which can then be actioned, (e.g. send a mail campaign or apply to a workflow).

Tags in segments in Jetpack CRM

Tag Manager

Every tag in Jetpack CRM can be managed centrally in the different tag managers (E.g. Contact Tag Manager, Transaction Tag Manager). This lets you delete tags in bulk, or jump to a sub-group of tagged objects.