World-class Email Solutions for everyone!

Jetpack CRM has, by default, seriously powerful email systems built in. You get a full Mail Delivery setup, as well as fully customisable system emails. We even help you optimise them!


Choose which emails you want to automatically go out, and which to hush


You can totally change every bit of each email Jetpack CRM sends out


We also automatically tracks open rates (yes, even for system emails!)

Full Support for all Skill levels

Just want to change the wording a bit? Easy. Want to disable “Welcome to the Client Portal” emails? 1 Click and it’s sorted. Want to hack the HTML or add your branding? No sweat.

What are System Emails?

System Emails is the phrase we use here to describe any email which is generated by the CRM system.

These are usually automatically generated when something happens (e.g. When a client portal user is created, you can email them a “Welcome to the Client Portal” email.) Or sometimes System Emails are sent on your command, (e.g. when you click “Send Invoice” on an invoice, it can email the client a copy of the invoice.)

Welcome to the Client Portal
You have received an Invoice
You have received a new Proposal
Quote Accepted [Team notification]
Your Event Starts Soon [Team notification]

Easy to edit Email Templates

Jetpack CRM has templates for each system email which can be modified from the Settings page. You can add BCC addresses, Choose which delivery method (email) to send from, Activate/Deactivate it, or modify the text.

Choose a Delivery Method (email)
Add BCC email address
Modify the template text
Use Placeholders like ###CONTACT-FNAME###

Open Tracking and Optimisation

Once you’ve set up Mail Delivery methods (email accounts to send from) and your CRM has sent out some emails you’ll start to see statistics for send and open rates in your System Email settings pages. This is great to check your emails are getting out (ensuring deliverability) and to see if your copy/text needs a bit more optimisation to get contacts to click!

Built-in open tracking
Easy at-a-glance statistics
Logged for all Mail Templates