Store your contacts socials

Add your contacts Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and quickly jump to them from their CRM profile. Tweet them, message them and keep in touch where they hang out the most.




Add Twitter, Facebook, and Linked in Accounts for each contact in your CRM



Without breaking privacy, track more contact data-points



Where appropriate you can reach out to a contact via social platform, just click through from Jetpack CRM!


Social CRM

Jetpack CRM is all about simple effective software. We’re not making it hyper easy to send out mass-messages to contacts via FB, but then, you probably don’t want that, (that sort of thing has proven to bring bad rep to companies, over and over). Our approach to social integration is slick and simple.

Your Business Social Profiles

Add your Business social accounts to the global Business Info panel in Jetpack CRM Settings, and it will allow you to automatically append a nice collection of social links to your Mail Campaigns, and other areas in the CRM exposed to Clients.

Edit social profile urls against a crm contact

Easy Social Profile Editing

Adding a social account to a crm contact is as simple as copying the contact’s twitter handle and putting it into the Social Accounts box in your contact editor.